Glasses for Colorblindness at Mesa and Tempe Art Centers

Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum and the Gallery at Tempe Center for the Arts have collaborated with EnChroma, a patented eyewear technology company that assists colorblind guests who are affected by red-green color vision deficiency.

“Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum is thrilled to make the EnChroma glasses available to all our guests,” said Tiffany Fairall, Chief Curator for Mesa Contemporary Art Museum. “It provides another level of sight and understanding for those unable to behold the vibrancy captured by these artists.”

Guests at both venues are now able to borrow EnChroma Glasses allowing their museum and gallery experiences to be more enhanced now that they can see an expanded range of colors more clearly and distinctly.

The colorblind glasses utilize a light-filtering technique, giving those with color blindness the ability to see a broader spectrum of colors.

“The mission of EnChroma is to enable those with color vision deficiencies to access more of life’s colorful experiences through our specially engineered eyewear,” said Erik Ritchie, CEO of EnChroma. “We are excited to collaborate with Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum to make its colorful works accessible to those with color blindness”.