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The May 2019 issue of Raising Arizona Kids features Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, who balances the responsibilities of her office with being a mindful mom to 2-year-old son Michael. Gallego talks with Raising Arizona Kids about work-life balance, her decision to run for the office and long-term goals for the city. Also: Schools Superintendent Kathy Hoffman shares challenges ahead to improve the state’s public schools, and why she’s so optimistic about the future. Plus: Abby Maslin, author of the new memoir “Love You Hard,” grew up in Phoenix. She talks about coping with her husband’s traumatic brain injury and learning to be a family again.



$6 price includes tax, postage, shipping and handling. Also in the May 2019 issue:

  • Mother’s Day essays: Local writers offer lessons on motherhood, from its surprises to the mistakes we make as parents that still instruct in many ways
  • Road trip? Try an audiobook
  • Sari on Science: Make a light-up greeting cards
  • 5 eco-friendly family habits
  • 7 ways to help raise happy kids
  • Pediatricians now recommend swim lessons at age 1