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November 2019


The November 2019 issue of Raising Arizona Kids magazine features the second installment of our series Feeling Safe at School. Sheri Smith explores how to help kids deal with anxiety in an age of school shootings. Lisa Van Loo of Raising Outdoor Kids explains that kids just want to climb, and here’s where/how to “let ’em!” Maggie Zehring shares what she learned in grief counseling as a foster parent whose foster son was reunited with his birth family after two years. Her tips about the grieving process are applicable to any type of loss.



$6 price includes tax, postage, shipping and handling. Also in the November 2019 issue:

  • Dana Naimark: Reflections on 27 years of child advocacy
  • Common Sense Media: Tips for managing screen time
  • Fall festivals and family fun
  • Holiday favorite onstage performances
  • Vaping is linked to severe lung disease in kids
  • An alternative to suspension for school tobacco use