Puppy deja vu


I’ve lost my mind again. Remember how we decided to get a puppy and everyone thought it would send me into a psychotic tailspin from which I’d never emerge? Well, it didn’t.

The fact is we got lucky. We got the one and only perfect puppy on the planet. It’s true. She has yet to do anything wrong. I”m not joking. This puppy is like from heaven. She’s never chewed up anything. She learned to use the doggy door in like an hour and a half and has not had any accidents in the house. She has the most gorgeous ebony coat and does not shed even a single hair.

I am madly in love with Maggie. The only issue is that she LOVES the company of other dogs. She adores us and everything. Finds people delightful and loving. She’s very affectionate with humans. But there is a deep, intense joy that eminates from within her when she gets around other dogs.

While we were out of town she vacationed with her foster mommy who had 3 or 4 other dogs. She was in her element. She did clearly miss us. But she played from sun-up to sun-down and had the time of her life.

Maggie just seems a little down these days
Now that she’s back, I think she’s kind of depressed. I can see it in her eyes. They’re just a bit listless

. She’s lost some of the spring in her step. She just seems like she’s lonely, no matter how much love and attention we give her.

So I think the only answer is another puppy. My sister hung up on me when I told her I was thinking about it. Everyone says I must be insane. The fact is, this is not what I necessarily want. I am liking having a dog for the first time in my life. But I never imagined myself the owner of more than one of these playful pooches.

But now that I am devoted to Maggie, I feel obligated to do what is right for her. Without a doubt, she needs a companion. It’s like her soul’s calling is to connect with another canine. What kind of person would keep a living creature from it’s truest, deepest purpose in life?

So I’m looking for the second most perfect puppy in the universe.(and a new prescription for Ativan). Any suggestions on where to find either or both?


  1. Your puppy is beautiful!

    Although we are currently a one dog family, I have been told by breeders and trainers that two dogs is actually easier – they keep each other company. Several of our friends have had good luck adopting dogs from PAWS With A Cause (http://www.pawswithacause.org/) here in Michigan, but I am sure there is something in your area. Adoptable dogs have gone through a year of intensive training, but for some reason do not pass their final test (usually for being too timid to be a good service dog). They are all very sweet natured, housebroken and unbelievably well behaved.

    Good luck!

    – Emily

  2. Puppy Raising through Power Paws Assistance Dogs could be the thing for you! We currently have four 6 month old Labs that have been in training since they were 4 weeks old. They are doing amazing with the many commands they have already mastered (including crate training and potty training). The next new volunteer orientation is Sat. Aug. 3rd from 12p-2p.
    1201 N. 85th Place – Scottsdale.
    Apache School – adjacent from Apache Park. We are in room 101.
    Please call for more information 480-945-0754! Hope to see you there!


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