Performing arts at PVCC

A refrigerator that makes espresso?

While other real estate values are wavering, most families find that a single piece of indoor real estate never loses its value. It’s the kitchen refrigerator — common home to school notices, crayon art and lists galore.

I’m giving my fridge a bit of a makeover today — starting with the 2010-2011 season brochure for the Paradise Valley Community College Center for the Performing Arts.

Like my refrigerator, PVCC is one busy place.

The college offers student art exhibits plus student dance, music, theater and other performance art. They’ve got film festivals, guest artists and more — sometimes at no cost, but always at least at low cost.

PVCC presents "Compleat Female Stage Beauty" Oct 7-10

Several of this month’s offerings include teen to adult fare. There’s “Compleat Female Stage Beauty” Oct 7-10, “Teenage Devil Dolls” (a 1955 film presented with narrator and live orchestra) Oct 9, and Lisa Starry’s “A Vampire Tale” presented by Scorpius Dance Theatre Oct 26.

Film buffs will find plenty of film fare at PVCC this season — including their ongoing film festival with works from Norway, Spain, France, Germany and other countries.

Student film festivals, for which admission is free, will be held both Dec 10 this year and May 9, 2011. The “Desperado Gay and Lesbian Film Festival” takes place Jan 28-30, 2011.

PVCC presents "Teenage Devil Dolls" Oct 9

For Broadway lovers, there are several diverse choices — from “Urinetown: The Musical” (one of our favorites) Nov 12-21 to Neil Simon’s farcical play “Rumors” April 8-17, 2011.

PVCC presents “Paradise on Broadway: A Musical Revue” on Dec 11 — as well as May 7, 2011.

The list of PVCC music, dance and visual art offerings is equally impressive.

Come to think of it, if I could get PVCC to give me a room with a fridge just large enough to post their season brochure — and maybe hold a couple of iced espressos — I could be perfectly content just living at their performing arts center.

I get the feeling there’s always something wonderful happening there.


Note: Tomorrow’s post will feature Valley schools (K-12 or some portion thereof) performing fall musicals — including “Fiddler on the Roof” presented by Xavier/Brophy Theatre. If your school is doing a musical production during 2010 that’s open to the public, please let me know today and you might be featured along with Xavier/Brophy.

Coming up: Time for tributes, Supermoms on Superman, Lynn and Liz hit the East Valley