What kids want moms to know — in time for Mother’s Day

“What does my child think of me?”

It’s a loaded question, and moms don’t often have the time or energy to probe the subject with their sons and daughters. At the same time, kids may shy away from “getting too deep” about their feelings. That doesn’t mean moms don’t want to hear what their kids are thinking. In time for Mother’s Day, we asked six Valley kids, “What do you want your mom to know?” The answers were an unexpected Mother’s Day gift.

Mother's Day, Ananya Patel

Hugs, food and understanding

“My mom always gives me dessert after dinner. She cooks good food. She gives me milk. She always takes me to do stuff. When I am sad, she says ‘I am sorry you are sad.’ She is calm and works with me. She gives me hugs. I also like to do pottery with her. If I could say one thing to her, it is, ‘I love you, Mommy.’ ”— Ananya Patel (5) of Scottsdale



Support, help and encouragement

“My mom helps me in school. She helps to support all of my projects and my sports activities. She is at every game. … I love spending “girls days” with her, where we get our nails done and watch movies at home. When I’m angry or sad, she tries to make me feel better. She pushes me to move forward by thinking about happier moments. She also encourages me to plan ahead and to be prepared. If I could say one thing to her, it is, ‘I love you.’ ” — Anya Bloom (8) of Phoenix

mira-halkerCrafts, baking and unconditional love

“My mom is very understanding. No matter what it is, she will make me feel better. If she is disappointed in me, she will guide me gently. I love that she helps me with my homework and studies with me. … You only get one mom, and I’m glad she’s my mom. I like baking with my mom, especially blueberry crumble bars and sugar cookies. I like doing crafts with her, too. My mom never doubts me and is always on my side. If I am angry or upset, she talks to me about my problems and helps me with a solution. If I could say one thing to her, it is, ‘I love you no matter what happens, and I love you unconditionally.’ She has said that to me, too.” — Mira Halker (11) of Scottsdale

zachary-snydersDriving, volunteering and working things out

“I want to thank my mom for letting me pursue my dream of acting. My mom drives me to theater rehearsals and to all my performances. She always volunteers to help me. When I feel down, whether it’s about school or a personal issue, she is so positive. When we have a disagreement, we talk to each other and try to work out the details. If I could say one thing to her, it is, ‘I love you so much. I hope we continue to be a happy family, and I will always love you.’ ” — Zachary Snyders (13) of Phoenix

connor-farnsworthA kind and caring superhero

“My mom is the most amazing person ever. She helps me with all her heart. Moms cannot take sick days, and she always make me a priority. She is willing to help me with all that I do. She is my superhero and is kind to everyone. … She always keeps a level head and her cool. She is always willing to help with whatever I need. If could say one thing to my mom, it is, ‘I love you.’ ” — Connor Farnsworth (15) of Peoria

faith-dortenzioConfidence and sacrifice

“My mom is full of kindness and is genuine. Whenever I think of my mom, I think of confidence, and that’s how I want to be. Since I was little, my mom has encouraged me to be myself around everybody. Although people may come in and out of your life, it’s always about being yourself. My mom makes time for all of us and sacrifices so much for our family. She is selfless and puts her needs last. … If I could say one thing to my mom, it is, ‘Keep doing you. You are enough. I love you so much.’ ” — Faith D’Ortenzio (17) of Phoenix