Mama, Let Guilt Be Your Guide


By: Marilynn Reis Sonier

Do you feel it? That pain in your stomach, the pressure in your chest, or the sadness in your heart that seems to be relentless in motherhood? That’s mom-guilt.

The weight of guilt can feel inescapable when you become a mom, and every mom I know has experienced it (including me).

“Pity-party table for one please? And bring the mommy juice!”

It’s exhausting to be in a place where you never feel like you’re doing a good enough job no matter how hard you try.

Good versus Bad Guilt:

I consider mom-guilt to either be “good” or “bad.”

If it’s bad, change your thinking. If it’s good, change your behavior.

Good guilt shows up when we aren’t living in alignment with the woman and mom we want to be. It is worthy of your attention, and deserves to be evaluated. Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re feeling guilty because you snapped at your kids.

If you have no energy left over to be patient, present, and playful with your kids, and you feel guilty about that, I admire it. You have a deep down desire to show up in a better way for your kids, honor that.

Ask yourself, what do you need to do, or stop doing, in order to be the mom you want to be?

Bad guilt on the other hand can be kicked to the curb. You’ll find it typically doesn’t make sense if you break it down solely by logic. A lot of the time bad guilt stems from our own lack of self-esteem or self-assurance. Maybe you’ve felt guilty for take care of your own needs.

But here’s your reminder: Taking care of yourself empowers you to have more energy, patience, and resourcefulness as a parent. Sacrificing your needs does not make you a bad mom, it makes you a better one.

Ditch the guilt!

How to Let Guilt Be Your Guide:

I stand firmly in my belief that mom guilt is something we don’t need to keep experiencing over and over, especially on a daily basis. Guilt tells us we need a change, it’s your job to decide what action to take.

Mom guilt because you’re not “just” a mom… “bad” mom guilt… ditch it! Change your thinking.

Mom guilt because truthfully, deep down in your heart and soul, you don’t like showing up this way for your kids… that guilt is a GIFT! Use it, take action!

If you’re done seeking comfort in the “you’re not alone” battle cry and ready to truly ditch the guilt and enjoy motherhood, let your guilt be your guide.

Becoming a new mom and running a business left Marilynn Reis Sonier (coach, dreamer, wife, mom of 2) feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and unhappy. She knew there was a way to stay true to herself, her dreams, enjoy motherhood, and level up in her business, and she found it! Now, Marilynn’s passionate about helping working moms find balance by making simple, but powerful life shifts. Her approach to business, motherhood, and self-care has women loving who they see in the mirror, and kissing mom guilt goodbye! To learn more visit