How Sweet It Is: Phoenix Mom Starts Candy Charcuterie Board Company

The holiday season is a time to celebrate. Whether you’re hosting a party, attending a family gathering, or looking for a fun gift idea, you’ll be sure to impress when you show up with a unique and brightly colored candy charcuterie board from Tiffany’s Candy Co.

Phoenix mom of three, Tiffany Taplashvili, started her candy company: Tiffany’s Candy Co, in March 2022 after continually be complimented for the party favors she’d make at her children’s parties.

“I have always had the best party favors for my kids’ parties and was told many times that it’s super creative,” she said.

This led her to start making candy charcuterie boards for all sorts of special occasions including birthday parties, gender reveals, baby showers, teacher appreciation, and more.

“I use candy produced from all over the world,” said Tiffany. “Each board is created with themes and aesthetics in mind.”

The boards are not only full of bright colors, unique shapes, and lots of chewy and sweet tasting gummies, but Tiffany also creates specific boards perfectly festive for the upcoming holidays.

The Halloween board features candy corn, eyeball, and skull gummies, winter and Christmas themed boards have a variety of seasonal shapes such as snowflakes, and the Valentine’s Day board includes heart-shaped and pink colored gummies. She also has boards coming soon for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Years, and St. Patrick’s Day.

“Orders are usually shipping within 2 business days so if you’re a last minute shopper, I’m here,” she said.

You can feel good about your purchase because every month, Tiffany chooses an organization to donate 10% of her profits to. She was also selected as an honoree for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Dream Team for Arizona Helping Hands, and is joining forces with Phoenix Children’s Hospital to help make a difference.

Find Tiffany’s Candy Co on Instagram (@tiffanyscandyco) to view more of her board designs or visit if you’d like to place an order. Use code: RAK15 for 15% any order!