Get Mom Strong: Tucson Mom Starts Fitness App for Women

Ashley Nowe, a Tucson-native and mom to four boys, started a fitness program designed specifically for pregnant and postpartum women inspired by her own healing journey.

After giving birth to twins, Nowe—a former Crossfit athlete, was having trouble regaining her strength. Despite her efforts to flatten her stomach after months spent doing sit-ups and crunches, Nowe said she just wasn’t making the progress she’d hoped for.

“I didn’t recognize my own body and was in constant pain,” she said.

Through research she discovered she had been dealing with diastasis recti— a separation of the muscles along the midline of the abdomen, typically seen in women during and after pregnancy.

“I was told by my OB/GYN that surgery was the only fix,” said Nowe. “I looked further and was connected with a pelvic floor physical therapist. I spent a year working closely with her to rehabilitate my core. It changed my entire life.”

Feeling inspired by her newfound healing, Nowe wondered how many other women might also be suffering like she had. So, she put her career as a grant writer aside and became a certified pre and postnatal corrective exercise specialist and nutrition specialist.

“It became my mission to educate other women and help them take back pregnancy and postpartum,” she said.

This led Nowe to create the Get Mom Strong community and launch her Strong Like a Mother (SLAM) app—a fitness and nutrition program geared specifically to pregnant and postpartum moms.

Through the app, subscribers gain access to seven different comprehensive programs for all different fitness levels, as well as a nutrition program, more than 150 recipes, a library of health tips, and the ability to join a private Facebook group.

“One of the best things about SLAM is that even though it is an online program, we have an incredible community,” said Nowe. “Subscribers actively participate in our private Facebook group and many women share their healing journey, which is so inspiring. Sometimes members coordinate in-person gatherings at locations around the country. It is very rewarding to be a part of this community.”

The fitness programs are geared specifically for moms to work out from home—no more commuting to and from the gym and no need to find childcare while you work out (Nowe even encourages getting your kids involved in the workouts!).

“You don’t need a ton of equipment– a few resistance bands and some light or medium dumbbells are enough to get started. This not only saves busy moms time, but it also allows for lots of flexibility,” said Nowe.

Workouts are also designed to be practical for the needs and movements of busy parents.

“Parents are constantly on the move, picking up our kids (and their things), carrying car seats, and bending over to reach something. I designed SLAM to include exercises that mimic and support everyday movement while you work up a sweat and get the heart pumping.”

SLAM offers a variety of workout lengths and intensities and covers proper breathing techniques, how to check for diastasis recti and prolapse, c-section scar mobilization, and other important tips to help women gain functionality in their body.

“Moms only have so much time and energy after giving so much of it to their families,” said Nowe. “The way SLAM combines functional and effective workouts that can be done in the home, while offering education that improves their life and vitality fills a gap that existed in the fitness industry.”

The app is free to download and then subscribers can choose from a variety of subscription lengths (monthly, quarterly, or yearly), which range in price from $28.99 to $199.99, and includes access to all the programs and features.

“Moms are superheroes. If I can make help them heal and get stronger to live a more vibrant contented life, then I’ve done my job,” said Nowe.

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