Online schools in Arizona


Online schools appeal to students who need to catch up on credits, accelerate their education, need a flexible schedule or enjoy learning from the security of their own homes. Many private, charter and public district schools also offer online learning programs to supplement or replace in-class instruction.

Updating for 2023

Almentia Academy Private Online School
480-577-2831 •
PreK-12 and Career/Technical Education

Almentia Academy is a private online school for grades K-12 and beyond premiering a fully accredited STEM curriculum for independent learners, student athletes, performers and families living abroad. Our mission is to empower parents who prefer the online school experience, with 24/7 access, where the learning never stops! We offer year-round school, 4-day school weeks, tutoring services, A-G Approved College Readiness, HiSet/SAT/ACT prep courses, Advanced Placement, honors classes and remedial or special education needs (SEN) support. More than 250 courses, including electives. We support nationwide School Choice initiatives. $300-$3,600; flexible payment plans, sibling discounts, qualified school eligible to receive Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) applicants. Rolling admissions.

ASU Prep Digital, online learning, ArizonaASU Prep Digital
844-692-3372 •
Grades K-12

ASU Prep Digital is an accredited online school where students can take a single online course or enroll in a full-time, diploma-granting program. Students are on an accelerated path toward university admission and careers of the future, because ASU has combined the high school and college experiences, empowering students to take university courses and start earning credit in their major. The personalized instructional model surrounds students with support including live online instruction, a learning success coach and access to ASU professors, mentors and resources. ASU Prep Digital students have historically outperformed other online schools on standardized tests. Please visit the enrollment page of the website for enrollment details. Please visit the contact page of the website for a full events calendar. Full-time Arizona students attend tuition-free. Other students please visit our tuition calculator for details.

Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona, online education, online schools, ArizonaValor Preparatory Academy of Arizona
13185 W. Thomas Road, Goodyear
602-298-4520 •

At Valor, we understand going to a traditional school isn’t always the best option. Some students need more flexibility to excel in their education. That’s why our hybrid learning model changes the game — it opens more doors and creates more opportunities for students. Valor’s hybrid learning model takes the personalization and flexibility of online learning and combines it with the structure and support of traditional schools. It’s part online, part in school. This allows students with different academic backgrounds, circumstances and lifestyles to get the education they need to succeed.

Aspire, Deer Valley’s Online Academy
623-445-4992 • 

Aspire, a public school in the Deer Valley Unified School District, offers a hybrid model of learning. Aspire provides synchronous (live) instruction for students in grades K-8 and asynchronous (independent) instruction for students in grades 9-12. Scholars in all grades are encouraged to come on-site to work with teachers in-person for remediation and/or enrichment. Aspire also offers in-person, virtual, and hybrid clubs and groups.

Pathways Early College Academy (480) 248-1670

An online high school where students can graduate in four years with both a diploma and a Bachelor’s degree. In-person school coming soon.



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