Oh, Mama!


Here are just three of the Valley’s many magnificent moms. Meet the winner and runners-up in our Mother’s Day 2009 cover mom contest. (And read more about them here.)

deGuzman familyKeri deGuzman

Home: Paradise Valley

Occupation: pediatric cardiac nurse, now a stay-at-home mom

Husband: Brian, a cardiac surgeon at St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center

Children: Jesmina (2½) and Musse (18 months)

Photo location: McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale

Keri’s essay: When I hear my 18-month-old say “mama” or my 2½ -year-old say, “Mommy, I love you” it not only makes my day, it is a dream come true! I wanted nothing more than to be a mom and waited so long that when I hear those simple words it truly brings joy to my heart. Both children were adopted from Ethiopia: Jesmina was born on Nov. 22, 2006 and placed in our arms on July 2, 2007; Musse was born on Nov. 22, 2007 and placed in our arms on April 26, 2008. Yes, you read it correctly. Both were born on the same day, one year apart. Truly a miracle and what a blessing!

Currie familyElizabeth Currie

Home: Litchfield Park

Occupation: Infant Swimming Resource instructor

Husband: Sean, executive director of Celebrity Fight Night Foundation, Inc.

Children: Matthew (12), Nathan (7), Jacob (5) and Aleksandra (2)

Photo location: Rio Vista Park in Glendale

Elizabeth’s essay (entered by Sean): I am entering my wife as a surprise, because she certainly deserves to be recognized for the incredible mother she is! I know it makes Elizabeth’s day when our children show their individuality in expressing their love for her. Matthew is a thinker, so he tells her how much he loves her. Nathan is a giver, so he presents gifts to her. Jacob is an admirer, so he compliments her beauty. And, finally, Aleksandra—this new baby girl to go with all her sons—looks into Elizabeth’s eyes and puckers her pudgy little lips when Elizabeth asks for a kiss!

Jimenez familyBrianne Jimenez

Home: Glendale

Occupation: Moderator for military moms on phoenixmommies.com; studying to be a nurse

Husband: Alberto (A.J.), an E-5 sergeant in the U.S. Army

Children: Serenity (3) and Preston (22 months)

Photo location: Glendale Public Library

Brianne’s essay: Something that the kids do that makes me smile is when they draw pictures for their daddy. My husband is on his second year-long deployment to Iraq, so these special little drawings are treasures! It warms my heart to know that they think about him all the time. The kids keep my spirits high, filling our days with love and hope. We are anxiously awaiting A.J.’s safe return home.



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Shopping guide

All clothing provided by Old Navy at Desert Ridge Marketplace.

deGuzman family
Sleeveless v-neck sweater and drawstring linen pants (Keri); dobby-stripe shirt and patchwork short (Brian); sleeveless flower dress (Jesmina); underwater logo tee and patchwork short (Musse).

Currie family
Classic piqué polo and double pocket cargo short (Sean); crochet-trim square-neck top and perfect capri (Elizabeth); floral-print sundress (Aleksandra); pocket tee and authentic cargo short (Matthew); multi-stripe tee and fashion cargo short (Jacob); Marvel Super Heroes tee and authentic cargo short (Nathan).

Jimenez Family
Puff-sleeve tee, cropped cardigan and color-block tiered skirt (Brianne); piqué polo and denim painter short (Preston); short-sleeve smock top, butterfly sweater and denim cargo skirt (Serenity).


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