Let it snow!

There’s a lovely gentleman who bags groceries at a Safeway store in Scottsdale who has an uncanny ability to remember weather-related facts and statistics.

Predicting snow is tricky business--especially in the Valley of the Sun

I’m tempted to make a quick milk and bread run just to get his take on the prospect of snow falling in the Valley this week. He’ll likely know when and where we last saw snowflakes in these parts.

If I want to move from the statistics of snow to the science of snow, I’ll head to the Arizona Science Center in downtown Phoenix.

Their “Science of Snow Week” runs through Sat, Jan 1 — from 10am to 2pm daily. It features “special winter-themed activities and live demonstrations” on various topics.

This snow sculpture is modeled after Robert Indiana's Vietnam-era work titled LOVE

Think how to make snowflakes. How and why crystals form. Fun with fire and ice. And more. 

Once you get home, you can continue the fun by cutting kirigami snowflakes, drawing whimsical winter scenes full of Arizona cacti, creating a snowflake mobile using pipe cleaners, decorating snowflake sugar cookies and such.

Come 1pm on New Year’s Day, you’ll even be able to “play in tons of real snow outside of the Center.”

“The Science of Snow” is free with general admission, rather like the weather insights I glean from my local grocery bagger at no extra charge when I pop in for a simple item or two.

— Lynn 

This "LOVE" sculpture is part of Scottsdale's public art collection

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