Puffy paint snowman craft

My 3-year-old daughter, Grace, has been obsessed with all things snowman this season. I was looking for a fun, sensory activity involving painting, gluing and cutting.

The puffy-paint mixture is easy to make—and kids will love the creamy texture while they make the craft and the soft, squishy texture after it dries. In fact, all three of my kids (ages 3, 6 and 7) wanted in on the fun and spent quality time creating artwork together.

puffy paint snowman craft
A Bopp sibling works on a puffy paint snowman craft.

Parents will love how easy this fairly messy craft is to clean up with a warm, wet cloth. The paint is super versatile. Kids can make clouds, snow-themed pictures, sheep—or get more creative and add food coloring to change the color. And best of all: The puffy paint is washable!

puffy paint snowman craftSupplies

Barbasol shaving cream (the white, puffy kind, not the gel)
White glue
Paint brush
Construction paper


Mix the shaving cream and white glue in equal parts in a bowl until peaks form. Apply your new puffy paint with a paper with the paint brush. Allow to dry for several hours. While drying, cut parts for your snowman: hat, scarf, eyes, nose, arms, buttons. When the paint is dry, cut out your snowman shape and apply his parts to complete.

Phoenix mom Mandy Bopp is a professional musician and the mother of three children. She blogs at almondplace.com.

A completed puffy paint snowman craft.
A completed puffy paint snowman craft.