Preschoolers can paint a watermelon wedge

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This painted watermelon wedge looks good enough to eat!

My kids are watermelon addicts! Once summer hits, it seems nearly impossible to keep enough watermelon around in our house.  I love being able to just cut it up and pop it in the fridge for my kids to grab at will.

Because watermelon is part of our daily summer life, I wanted to incorporate into our summer crafts. This is an easy, cost-effective project that was fun to complete on a hot afternoon.

My daughter Grace never passes up an opportunity to dip her hands into paint. We took the opportunity to do some counting as she made the black seeds with her fingers.

watermelon painting, craft, things to do, preschoolers
All you need: paint, brush and a paper plate.


  • Uncoated paper plate, cut in half
  • Red/pink, black and green washable paint
  • Paint brush


Start by cutting your paper plate in half. I gave Grace instructions to paint the ridged part of the plate green, then we switched to the red on the inside.

Once those two colors were dry, Grace dipped a finger into the black paint and we counted how many seeds she could get on her watermelon.

paint a watermelon, watermelon, painting, craft, preschoolers, things to do, summer craft
Start by painting the ridged part of the paper plate green.
paint a watermelon, watermelon, painting, crafts, things to do, preschoolers, summer craft
Fill in the red…
paint a watermelon, watermelon, painting, craft, summer, preschoolers, things to do, art project
…then place the black seeds.