Cloud dough craft


My kids love all things dough related: cloud dough, play dough, moon dough, kinetic sand—you name it, I’ve swept it off the floor!

Recently, my youngest was looking for something to do while I ran some errands. Hitting up Target for a stash of play dough wasn’t on the list.

cloud dough
Cloud dough stores well in any airtight container. Photos by Mandy Bopp.

I had all of the supplies for cloud dough on hand, except for tempera paint. I tried to color the dough using  food coloring, but it didn’t work with the consistency of the dough and just left small parts of it pink.

cloud dough
Food coloring will work in a pinch, but doesn’t give the rich, vibrant colors kids love.

Tempera paint in powder form is a little tricky to find, but an Amazon order can quickly remedy that. You can also add some essential oils to the vegetable oil to make it smell good.


8 cups flour
1 cup vegetable oil
Pastry cutter
Options: powdered tempera paint for color, essential oils for scent


Combine the flour and oil, mixing with a spoon. Use the pastry cutter to help form the right consistency. Add a scoop of colored tempera paint to change dough colors.

cloud dough
Using a pastry cutter helps attain the right consistency.

This project was cheap, easy and fast. All three of my kids loved the feeling of this super soft, easily moldable dough.

Phoenix mom Mandy Bopp is a professional musician and the mother of three children. She blogs at


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