Painting cherry blossoms

cherry-blossom-painting-finalThis was one of my favorite painting activities to do with my daughter. I had seen a version on Pinterest but wasn’t quite ready to commit to buying a piece of canvas to hang on the wall.

This method is cheap and easy and kept Grace standing and moving around while she did the stamping/painting.

I opted to mix a couple of pink and purple paints on the plate to help her give the flower petals a little more dimension We were so pleased with how it turned out! I may just have to attempt a grown-up version on canvas.



Pink, purple and brown paint
Paint brush
Poster board
Pop bottle
Paper plate


Paint some brown branches on the poster board and let dry.


Pour a generous amount of pink and purple paint onto the paper plate. Using the bottom of the pop bottle, your child will dip into the paint and then stamp onto the branches on the poster board.


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