Arizona Dads Create Scorpion Barrier Product That Will Air on Shark Tank Episode

Tony Gonzales and Aaron Gonzales, childhood friends and cofounders of Slick Barrier scorpion protection.

Arizona fathers and childhood friends, Tony Gonzales and Aaron Gonzales, have created a scorpion protection unlike any other product out there and will air on an episode of Shark Tank on January 27th showcasing their invention.

The idea stemmed from a personal place as both Tony and Aaron were desperate to keep their families safe from scorpions. A few years ago, when Tony’s son was 4 years old, he was stung by a scorpion and had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

“He almost died,” recalled Tony.

Meanwhile, Aaron Gonzales had been working on developing a product to try and seal out scorpions after dealing with his own issues of scorpion infestations. The two teamed up to work together and began their journey to create Slick Barrier.

“Realistically, we did this so that it would work on our own homes,” said Tony. “We wanted to protect our families.”

After collaborating with a chemist, they created a product that would create a smooth surface so that insects and pests could not climb up, therefore preventing them from being able to enter the home.

Applying the Slick Barrier scorpion protection.

The product underwent several tests including through multiple universities proving time and time again that it worked.

At the end of 2021, Tony and Aaron started putting it in cans and selling it to pest control companies.

“This built a bunch of traction,” said Tony. “Once we knew it would work on everything, that’s when things kind of changed for us.”

Eventually, Tony and Aaron started their unique process to try to get on Shark Tank.

“We put our products in front of the right people and we got their attention,” said Tony. “We started sharing information with them and even though we were there, we weren’t guaranteed to be on the show.”

Finally, in September 2022, they were asked to come out and pitch their idea, still not knowing if their episode would air.

“It was scary,” said Tony, who is an attorney by trade. “I can get up there and close arguments but these sharks are intimidating.”

Apart from their experience of getting on Shark Tank, Tony said they really are just set out to help protect families the way they wanted to protect their own.

“We think our product should be used on every home, especially in Arizona,” said Tony. “You should be able to walk around barefoot and not have to worry about leaving boxes out or have a fear about having an exposure to any sort of insect out there. It gives you reassurance but it also works.”

Slick Barrier, which is safe to be used around kids and pets, can be applied easily through one of their starter kits, which includes everything needed to do it yourself. You can also have it applied through one of their partnering pest control companies or even request for Tony and Aaron to come and apply it themselves!

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