Timeless Play: A Drop-Off Childcare Experience in Tucson

Timeless Play, a unique drop-off childcare play experience, has just opened its second Tucson location.

The play centers, owned by co-founders and childhood best friends Rosalind Prather and Caroline Wesnitzer, first got its start in 2021 offering children a fun and safe play experience while parents have a chance to relax, work in peace, or get stuff done.

About Timeless Play Centers

Unlike traditional daycares, Timeless Play centers are focused on engaging children in meaningful play time for up to four hours.

“We try to make this a fun experience for the kids just without mom and dad,” said co-founder, Rosalind Prather.

Suitable for children ages 1 to 12, the play centers keep ratios between kids and staff low, with an average of 6:1. For younger children, or those needing a little extra TLC, parents can pay for Comfort Care where they will receive a 2:1 ratio and more individual attention.

Play Time

Play experts—as the staff members are loving referred to—are more than just childcare workers.

“They are not passive babysitters just watching kids play,” said Prather. “Rather they will be right there down on the floor playing with them. They love crafting, playing make-believe, and genuinely love being with kids.”

The centers are filled with non-electronic toys and an emphasis on nostalgic play is reinforced in an effort to support the child’s natural development, curiosity, and interest.

How it Works:

Whether you’re wanting to enjoy a relaxing, child-free day of errands or shopping, need just an hour or two for a doctor’s appointment, or want to grab dinner with your spouse, the drop-off play experience is the perfect solution.

Here’s how Timeless Play works:

  1. Select a day and time that works for you through the booking portal. Walk-ins are welcome Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. but it’s recommended to make a reservation.
  2. Start your registration. Submit part one and two of the registration before dropping off your child. It’s recommended that you do it online before you arrive. The third part of registration (paying a $40 registration fee) can be done after you’ve had a chance to visit and decide if you want to come back.
  3. Come in whenever you want, drop your kids off, and enjoy kid-free time!

As Timeless Play continues to grow, Prather said they have plans to eventually expand and offer more locations starting with the Phoenix area.

For more information on Timeless Play or to sign up, visit https://timeless-play.com/play/