How to Be Monsoon Ready

The official start of Monsoon season is here and with that can lead to downed power lines and trees, power outages and flooded streets in a matter of minutes.

Here are some steps for you and your family to stay safe during these summer storms:

Check on any elderly neighbors. The elderly and homebound individuals are among the most vulnerable during the monsoon. Whether it’s a grandparent or a neighbor, be sure to check on those living near you to make sure they stay safe.

Be prepared with necessary supplies. It’s a good idea to have sandbags (check your local fire station for sand and empty bags or prefilled sand bags), a backup source for power, and a way to keep refrigerated necessities cool during a power outage.

Have a plan. Make an evacuation plan for the most severe instances and have a disaster kit with water, non-perishable foods, flashlights, batteries, medications and first aid supplies readily available. Pet owners should also have a disaster kit for their four-legged friends.

Stay up to date on weather forecasts. Check on local weather forecasts to know what to expect so you can ensure you will be prepared.

Enjoy the summer rain and stay safe!