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Retrieval Service for Abandoned Shopping Carts

Do you have abandoned shopping carts in your neighborhood and would like them returned to the store? Arizona Food Marketing Alliance has a shopping cart retrieval service: Arizona Cart Services (ACS).

ACS provides cart retrieval services for the majority of retailers in Arizona. Businesses like Fry’s, Bashas,’ Food City, Safeway, Albertsons, El Rancho Market, Los Altos Market, Sprouts and Whole Foods are members of this retrieval service. A complete list of retailers can be found at afmaaz.org/members-2.

You can report a stray cart by filling out the Stray Cart Form and upload a photo online at afmaaz.org/report-a-stray-cart. You may also call the Cart Retrieval Hotline at 1-800-THE-CART or 1-800-843-2278 and leave a message with the following information: The cart owner, number of carts, city and cart location, cross streets and any landmarks. Your can also include your name, phone number and email.

For City of Tucson call 520-791-3171, press option 6. to learn more about Arizona Cart Services visit afmaaz.org/acs-arizona-cart-services



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