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Keep Your Home Safe from Scorpions This Summer

By David Gilmer from Scorpion Repel 

In the summer, scorpions come out of hibernation and search for a cool place to hide. This is often our homes, shoes, or piles of firewood. As the weather warms up, Arizona Bark scorpion activity rapidly increases. This breed of scorpion is highly venomous, and a sting could possibly be fatal.

With kids home for the summer, it’s time to take extra precautions to keep scorpions out of your home. Here are some tips from Scorpion Repel, on how to stay safe from scorpions this summer:

  1. Seal Up the House

It’s important to know where scorpions usually enter a home. Scorpions will find any crevice they can, but there are a few spaces in the house where they most commonly enter including the garage, unsealed doorways, vents, torn screens, or cracks in the walls. Be sure to seal up any cracks with caulk. Check the garage for any sliver of daylight and patch this up immediately. Also check door sweeps to make sure they are properly sealed at the bottom. 

2. Be Wary of Pools

Scorpions tend to congregate toward pool water. This is worrisome as summer tends to be the ideal time for children to play in the pool and outside. 

Before children are anywhere around the pool, check any debris or towels nearby to be sure there are no lingering critters. Look under toys, umbrellas, or cover ups. Pool filters should be checked for scorpions, shoes should always be worn, and if a scorpion is found floating in the water, a net should be used to fish them out.

3. Lookout for Nighttime Activity

Scorpions are very active at night, especially the Bark scorpion. It is best to go outside with a black light to comb your yard removing these glow-in-the-dark arachnids once the sun goes down. 

Before the kids go to sleep, check their beds to be sure no critters are hiding behind the bed or under the covers. Also, be sure to check their rooms for cracks where any scorpion can crawl inside. It only takes a couple of minutes and is a great precaution if the house isn’t protected by a scorpion barrier or pesticide.

Additionally, ensure that no tree branches are touching the house or are in close proximity to a wall, roof or window, as scorpions will use this as a ladder to sneak inside.

Scorpions are tricky, venomous small critters that will sneak in any way they can. These tips can help prevent a possible injury that might otherwise cause a trip to the hospital. It is always good practice to use common sense and be sure the house is clear of debris for scorpions to hide in and keep any insects away that they may feed on.

For additional peace of mind, call a professional to have the house and yard sprayed and checked for scorpions. Be safe and be aware!


Scorpion Repel offers a patented, one-time application, pesticide free barrier that will keep scorpions out of the house.



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