2020 Summer Camps – Animals


Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA, summer camp, summer camps, Phoenix, Arizona. animal care

Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA
15 N. 40th Place, Phoenix
602-273-6852 • aawl.org
Ages 6-17

Our camps cover a variety of topics for young animal lovers including veterinary science, animal care, art and wildlife education! Your child will have fun learning about STEM-based topics, responsible pet ownership, performing scientific experiments, reading to dogs and animal encounters with our exotic animal ambassadors! Weekly sessions June 1-July 31. $225 and up.

Arizona Humane Society, summer campArizona Humane Society
1521 W. Dobbins Road, Phoenix
602-997-7585, Ext. 2005 • azhumane.org/athomekit
Ages 8-12

Animal Ed-Ventures At Home Kits offer kids ages 8-12 a surprise box that allows them to explore the world of animals through hands-on crafts, activities, learning opportunities, links for online videos, virtual classroom opportunities and animal meet-and-greets from AHS’ Animal Ambassadors.

Themes such as Regal Mutts and Snakes & Lizards will dive into areas such as animal genetics and the slithering, slinking world of our reptile friends. Boxes can be picked up weekly at AHS’ Nina Mason Pulliam Campus for Compassion at 1521 W. Dobbins Road in Phoenix or can be mailed directly to your home. Deliveries begin the first week of June. $25/week; additional $15 for mailed delivery. azhumane.org/athomekit

Updated May 22, 2020

Phoenix Herpetological Society, summer camp, summer camps, Scottsdale, Arizona
Phoenix Herpetological Society Reptile Encounters Summer Camp
28011 N. 78th St., Scottsdale
480-513-4377 • phoenixherp.com
Ages 6-14

Reptile conservation education, interactions with animals, how to coexist with wildlife, guest speakers from other organizations in the Valley, STEAM-based activities. Weekly sessions May 25-Aug. 7. $200 and up.

Phoenix Zoo, Camp Zoo, summer camp, summer camps, Arizona

Phoenix Zoo
455 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix
602-914-4333 • phoenixzoo.org
Grades K-8

Children will have fascinating adventures with the natural world this summer at Camp Zoo. Each age-appropriate, weeklong session is filled with up-close animal encounters, hands-on activities, games, in-depth investigations and organized free time. During the mornings, we’ll take advantage of the cooler temperatures and participate in outdoor activities such as water play and hiking. In the afternoons, we will spend more time participating in indoor activities. Weekly full- and half-day sessions. June -July 31. $159 and up/half day; $254 and up/full day.

3 Bars Ranch
9040 E. Jomax Road, Scottsdale • 720-985-7535
Ages 6-15

Fostering personal growth and development through equine assisted learning (EAL) activities. Working with horses, participants build trust; respect; responsibility; patience; leadership; kindness; communication; and self-confidence. All while having fun with horses! Socially and emotionally enriching. Horsemanship skills and riding integrated for learning new skills and building self-esteem. Level II program follows for more mounted activities and learning and development. EAL also available for trauma healing. June-August; ongoing thereafter. $45 for individual sessions; half-day group program $150.


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