St. Patrick’s Day four-leaf-clover craft


With a 3-year-old in our house, we are all about tissue paper crafts! This St. Patrick’s Day four-leaf-clover craft was perfect for Grace to do (mostly) independently. I simply printed out the clover shape and cut the squares of tissue paper—she did the rest. Grace made several clovers with the leftover tissue, which helped buy me some much-needed time to help her older brothers focus on their homework.

four leaf clover craft, St Patrick's Day, craft
Simple supplies for a St. Patrick’s Day craft.


Construction paper
Dark green, light green and white tissue paper
White glue


Print a four-leaf-clover shape onto a piece of construction paper. (You’ll quickly find a shape by searching Google Images.) While your child is applying dots of glue to the clover, cut small squares of tissue paper. Let your child fill the clover with scrunched up pieces of tissue paper. Cut out the clover together once the tissue and glue are dry.

four leaf clover craft, St. Patrick's Day, craft
Grace applies glue to the clover cutout before adding pieces of tissue paper.

four leaf clover craft, St. Patrick's Day, craft

four leaf clover craft, St. Patrick's Day, craft
The finished four leaf clover. Good luck!


  • Count the pieces of each color of tissue paper.
  • Use a pencil to apply the tissue squares a little more diligently.
  • Make various patterns with the different colors of tissue paper.

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