Valentine’s Day heart craft

valentine heart art
A piece of tape helps secure the heart shape. Photos by Mandy Bopp.

Now that the holidays are behind us, we’re surrounded by all things hearts! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we decided to make something pretty for Grace’s bedroom wall.

I’ve seen lots of stamp paintings on Pinterest, but I wanted something a little more permanent—so we used a small canvas instead of paper.

Our valentine heart art serves a double purpose: it repurposes recyclable toilet paper rolls.

Using a real art canvas gives this project an added element of “special.”


Small canvas
Red and white paint
Paint brush
Toilet paper roll


Paint the canvas red, ensuring it is well covered. While the canvas is drying, squeeze the toilet paper roll into a heart shape. To maintain the heart shape, secure it by placing a piece of tape across the top and bottom. After filling a small bowl with white paint, dip one end of the roll into the paint, then stamp hearts onto the canvas.




This craft was designed to take just a few minutes, but Grace had so much fun with it that she kept stamping hearts on pieces of pieces of construction paper for quite some time. Children can make rainbow rows of hearts—or try dipping the heart rolls in various colors to see what combinations make new colors or shades.

Phoenix mom Mandy Bopp is a professional musician and the mother of three children. 

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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