Celebrating Foster Moms

Photo courtesy of Arizona Helping Hands

By Matt Lipan, Director of Community Engagement at Arizona Helping Hands

When you stop to think about it, the month of May gives us plenty of opportunities to celebrate. Spring is blooming, graduations are happening, and of course, Mother’s Day.

May also happens to be National Foster Care Month, which is the perfect reason to recognize and celebrate all the foster moms throughout our state!

The role and relationship of “mother” can be defined or described in different ways. Sometimes it is purely a biological relationship, but often it is a relationship that is built around nurturing, caring, supporting, and loving despite biology.

Many foster moms do this every day with the kids they have opened their homes to. They love, care, nurture, and support foster children in ways that go beyond biological ties.

As we look for ways to celebrate our mothers this Mother’s Day, let’s not forget to celebrate the nearly 2,500 foster moms who have stepped into this important role in very unique and special ways. These foster moms are changing the lives of thousands of foster children every single day and deserve to be celebrated!

Curious about how you can support these great foster moms?

  • If you know one or have a foster mom in your life, drop them a note or card to say ‘Thanks!’
  • Hear about resources, events, or groups that could provide support for all they are doing? Let them know and maybe even offer to go with them!
  • Offer to run an errand or two for them. This not only gives them a chance to catch their breath but more importantly reminds them they are not alone in the incredible work they are doing.
  • Do you have an amazing mother figure in your life? Pay it forward by giving a foster mom you know a Mother’s Day gift by dropping off her favorite coffee, or even flowers.

Every week Arizona Helping Hands serves hundreds of families by providing essential resources like beds, clothes, and even diapers. We see that the need for foster caregivers is greater than ever. Being a foster mom changes the lives of not only the kids but also your own.

Whether you find yourself single or with a partner, having kids of your own or none at all, don’t forget that while foster moms come from different situations and scenarios, they share a common call to love, support, nurture, and encourage the children in their lives!

Happy Mother’s Day Foster Moms!

About Matt Lipan:

Matt is the Director of Community Engagement for Arizona Helping Hands and as such has the opportunity to oversee the Programs & Services AHH provides while building collaborative relationships around the state and listening to the needs of the foster community exploring ways AHH can help to serve those needs.

About Arizona Helping Hands

Arizona Helping Hands supports the foster care community ensuring that every child in the foster care journey thrives. As Arizona’s largest provider of essential resources, we offer foster care families beds, cribs, clothing, diapers, personal care items, school supplies, and birthday gifts. Additionally, we provide state-required home safety items to help families become licensed providers by ensuring they can offer a safe home environment. To learn more, visit www.azhelpinghands.org.