Michelle’s disturbing stuffed apples

stuffed applesThis was my own personal snack as a kid in St. Louis. I used to get a large spoon and eat peanut butter by itself. Bad idea — one day I almost choked. So here is what I came up with instead:

Get a large Granny Smith apple or the apple of your choice.

Use a melon baller or spoon to core the apple. I used to also carve the outside like a Jack-o-Lantern. Bigger kids may want to try that.

Stuff the apple with peanut butter (chunky is my favorite). You may also add some granola, chocolate chips, coconuts flakes, popcorn (yes, popcorn — it goes great with peanut butter) or whatever you like.

Take a big bite out your apple and watch the peanut butter and the rest ooze out the eyes and mouth. As a kid I did this in front of my mother and it always left her speechless.