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Scottsdale Community College Program Helps Parents Hoping to Re-Enter the Workforce

Whether you’ve been a stay-at-home parent for years looking to return to work outside the house, or are simply ready for a career change, Scottsdale Community College’s Securities Industry Essentials Exam Prep course might be the perfect fit.

The Securities Industries Essentials (SIE) exam is a requirement for entering the financial industry including careers such as a personal banker or financial advisor. Passing the exam indicates that the applicant understands the fundamental principles required to work in financial services. 

Those who have been out of the workforce for a while or have been working in a different career field can benefit from Scottsdale Community College’s SIE Exam Prep course, which, over several weeks, will prepare students to take the exam. 

Lee Sera, a mother of two and Scottsdale resident, took the SIE Exam Prep course, deciding she was ready to go back to work after being a full-time caregiver to her two daughters for 20 years. 

Lee Sera, a mother of two and Scottsdale resident.

Sera holds a MBA from Loyola University Maryland and previously worked for Bell Atlantic (now Verizon) while living in Baltimore. After relocating with her family to Phoenix, she worked in wireless telecommunication sales for AT&T.  

Given Sera’s previous work experience and skill set, she was encouraged by her two nephews, who already worked in the finance industry, to explore a career in the finance world.

“I think a lot of people my age are retiring,” Sera said. “My sister-in-law mentioned how lucky we are that we could raise our children and then go back to work and try something new and different.”

That suggestion led Sera to the Securities Industries Essentials: Pre-licensure program at Scottsdale Community College. 

While she admitted feeling slightly rusty and overwhelmed at the beginning of the program since it had been more than 20 years since earning her MBA, she continued on with perseverance and determination.  

Her hard work paid off as she completed the SIE prep program, passed the exam, and now has two job offers.

Sera is just one of several formerly full-time parents at SCC who are preparing to return to work by taking classes and she hopes to inspire even more parents to take time to focus on themselves as their children grow up. 

“Yes, raise your kids, but continue to raise yourself,” she said. “Get an education, keep learning! That’s the biggest thing. And give yourself some grace because you won’t be an expert overnight.” 

The next cohort for the SIE Exam Prep program begins on August 22, 2022. For more information, email Sue Sandblom at susan.sandblom@scottsdalecc.edu

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