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What do I do when Traditional School does not work for my child?

KaiPod Learning offers a path to personalizing a child’s education.

As working parents, Meghan and her husband were unsure if homeschooling was the right choice, but they knew they needed a change. “We were at a loss, trying multiple approaches for our children, only to see them struggle,” said Meghan.

Ultimately, Meghan’s family smoothly transitioned to KaiPod Learning, and the unique approach to their children’s education has been a game-changer. KaiPods are small group in-person learning centers for 3rd – 12th-graders now available in Arizona. Parents can bring their own curriculum or work with KaiPod experts to find a curriculum (online, hybrid, homeschooled) that best suits their child’s needs. Learning Coaches at a KaiPod workspace support academic assignments and enrichment activities. Learning Coaches also build a child’s sense of belonging through cultivating community relationships, and provide parents with frequent updates to ensure each child is learning and thriving. All this is similar to or better than a private school, but for a fraction of the cost.

“At KaiPod, we know how important it is to tailor education to the uniqueness of every child. We also understand that customizing your child’s learning journey can be exciting, intimidating, and overwhelming,” said Amar Kumar, founder of KaiPod. “We built KaiPod to empower more families to customize their kids’ education and be a support system for them on their journey.”

Here are the critical questions KaiPod education experts suggest parents ask themselves when considering the best approach to learning for each child:

Academic Questions:

  • How does your child learn best? Do they love reading? Are they accelerated learners, or do they struggle to keep up? What is their attention span? From traditional textbooks to project-based online options, there are many curriculum choices for your child.
  • What are your child’s hobbies, interests, and passions? Children dive deep and learn without effort and reminders when the curriculum includes their interests.
  • What learning environment does your child need? Is your child an independent learner who will naturally work through a class, or do they need an in-person or 1:1 component to be accountable? Each child is different, and there is no shortage of options to support your child.

Social-Emotional Questions:

  • How important is socialization for your child’s well-being? Reflect on the community your child will be a part of and how they can build meaningful relationships and friendships with their peers.
  • What role do you want to play in your child’s education? Assess your ability to support their academic inquiries and consider whether you have a network to help them expand their circle of friends.

One in 10 families have already chosen alternative learning environments, and more are joining daily. The challenges of rigid classroom structures, large class sizes, and a one-size-fits-all curriculum can lead to disconnected and disinterested kids and even a decline in academic achievement.

“Well-intentioned conventional schooling is falling short of caring for each child’s academic or social/emotional needs,” comments Kumar. “School should be effective and engaging while building on a child’s passions.”

In Gilbert, Glendale, Scottsdale, and Surprise, children can join a KaiPod for a complimentary Demo Day to try out the daily schedule and meet new friends.
Meghan shares, “Our kids are genuinely excited to head to KaiPod each morning because it provides them with the academic, emotional, and growth opportunities they need. It has become a community where they can truly be themselves and thrive every day.”

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