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Parent Aid is a Tucson-based organization providing community, education, and support for parents. Their unique “Love Like a Dad” program offers a variety of classes specifically designed for men, dads, and father-figures. Many of the classes and workshops are offered virtually, so any dad from anywhere can join!

Here is a breakdown of the different types of support Parent Aid offers for dads:

Boot Camp for New Dads: The birth of your first baby can be an overwhelming and scary experience. Your first drive home as a new family is one of the most stressful experiences of a dad’s life. Boot Camp for New Dads will help equip expectant dads with the tools and knowledge needed to be successful right from the start.

Dad Classes & Workshops: Choose from three different programs from the National Fatherhood Initiative: 24/7 Dad AM, 24/7 Dad PM, and 24/7 Dad Key Behaviors Workshops. Each program will boost your skills in dadhood, so you can take all three to help you become the best dad that you want to be. Classes offered virtually and in-person on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Dad Groups: Sometimes, all we need is to catch up with another dad. The brotherhood of dadhood is an elite group that needs your membership. Every dad has something to offer and something to gain from the group. This is an open call for men to share their strengths, hopes, experiences, and challenges as fathers, dads and co-parents. Offered virtually through Zoom! The group is free and does not require registration.

Love Like a Dad Blog: Gain some insight and wisdom through thought-provoking questions from the dad guys and gals at Parent Aid. Find out more about Fathering Skills, Back to School for Dads, Bonding & Getting Involved, Self-Care for Dads, and more!

Fathering in 15 on Demand: Fifteen on-demand topics, each just 15 minutes long to help you become the best dad you can be. Topics include: Family History, Being a Man and Dad, Handling, Emotions, Grief and Loss, Your Health, You and Mom, Talking with Mom, Co-Parenting, Fathering Skills, Child Development, Child Discipline, Sexuality, Intimacy, Work-Family Balance, and Managing Money. Offered in both English and Spanish.

Dad-Share: This six week parenting class is designed just for dads and men-in-families.Whether you are bio, step, grand, honorary, future, whatever – this opportunity is for you! Topics discussed throughout the program include: Co-Parenting and Working with Mom, Setting the Foundation for Positive Discipline, Understanding and Handling Feelings and Emotions, Masculinity and Fatherhood. The Class is offered as a hybrid in-person at Parent Aid and virtually through Zoom. The next class begins April 24th!

For more information on the different Parent Aid programs, or to register for a class visit parentaid.org

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