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HomeArticlesValley Mom Invents Sensory-Friendly Socks for Children of All Ages

Valley Mom Invents Sensory-Friendly Socks for Children of All Ages

By Erica Shipione

When one Valley mother noticed her baby ripping off his socks, she soon realized this was going to be an ongoing battle, and she quickly came up with her own solution.

Abbie Boudreau, three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, is the founder and CEO of Sockabu, sensory-friendly socks that offer the very best traction for kids of all ages. She created the patented product nearly nine years ago when she realized her son was removing his socks to try and play with his toes.

“I wondered why my son was always ripping off his socks when he was a baby. Then it hit me! He’s trying to play with his toes,” says Boudreau. “So, I cut off the tops to his socks and he was no longer frustrated because he had access to his toes. Then, I sewed on a “flip” so that during nap time, I could quickly cover his toes for warmth. It was the best of both worlds. Both baby and mama were now happy!”

With an easy ‘flip’ function, Sockabu allows your little ones to cover their toes for warmth and comfort during nap time or uncover them for the best natural traction while learning to walk or when on the go during playtime.

As Boudreau’s son entered the crawling and walking stages, the same design that once allowed for easy access to his toes, now provided the very best traction for helping his feet grip the ground during playtime to prevent slipping.

“As a mom of two little ones, it drove me crazy when my kids would slip and fall around the house while wearing their socks during playtime,” says Boudreau. “Traditional socks were a nightmare on our hardwood and tile floors – and socks with non-slip stickies weren’t much better.”

Sockabu socks are hand-finished with a supreme cotton blend, designed for the ultimate quality and comfort. The truly seamless socks are ideal for children with sensory processing challenges. Pediatrician-approved for babies and toddlers learning to walk, the one-of-a-kind design will bring an end to your child’s sock struggles.

Sockabu socks are even made with big kids in mind. The breathable ankle socks are designed with compression for arch support and can be worn with shoes, sandals and ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs). Sockabu is now being sold at and can also be purchased online through the Sockabu website.

“I’m no longer holding my breath and bracing for the next slip and fall,” says Boudreau. “Sockabu socks solved that problem for my family, and we think they’ll make your child’s playtime more fun (and safer) too!

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