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Smartphone for kids offers valuable insight for parents

smart phone for kids
The Aqua One smart phone device for kids pictured on the left and a look at what the parent dashboard looks like on the right. Photo courtesy of Cyber Dive.

A new cellular device created by local tech company, Cyber Dive, offers parents a way to safely monitor and be involved in their child’s phone activity.

The phone, named the Aqua One, was designed by Co-Founders Jeff Gottfurcht and Derek Jackson. As parents themselves, Gottfurcht and Jackson know firsthand the many worries that can come when a child gets their first cell phone.

“We believe in involvement instead of limitation,” said Jackson. “With the Aqua One it’s not about locking down the child but understanding why they’re watching certain things, who they’re becoming friends with, and nurturing relationships.”

Co-Founders of Cyber Dive
Co-Founders of Cyber Dive and the Aqua One, Derek Jackson (left) and Jeff Gottfurcht (right). Photo courtesy of Cyber Dive.

Instead of app download restrictions, screen time limitations, or internet lockdowns, the Aqua One allows children the ability to freely use their phone. However, it also grants parents the access to monitor everything their child does including text messages, search history, and social media activity.

“We created this for parents who want to be involved and give their kids freedom—they don’t have to rely on the kids coming and asking them for help, they can see what’s happening and have that conversation with them in real time,” said Jackson.

Through the use of an app, parents are alerted either through email or text about any new activity their child is doing on their phone.

Gottfurcht said that through the extensive monitoring, not only will parents be able to keep their child safe, but he also hopes it will help parents be more involved in their child’s likes, interests, and friendships.

In addition to the monitoring ability for parents, the Aqua One was also designed with a Mental Health Check component, which was created with insight from the company’s clinical child psychologist.

At three different random times throughout the day, the child will get prompted with a few questions to answer that assesses their feelings of overall safety, family communication, connectedness to others and general mental state. All of the questions are tailored based on the age of the child.

Until the answers are provided, the child will only be able to perform basic functions, as the phone will disable their ability to check social media, access the Internet or other apps.

“The mental health check piece is truly fantastic,” said Jackson. It breaks that endless cycle of scrolling, redirects their focus into their general feelings and safety, while giving them self-awareness and insight for their parents.”

Just like all other activity on the phone, the responses to the questions are sent to the parents providing an inside look at their child’s well-being.

Parent dashboard example
The child’s view of the screen pictured on the left and a view of what parents will see is displayed on the right. Photo courtesy of Cyber Dive.

The Aqua One offers unlimited nationwide cellular service with 5 GB of ultra-high-speed data, unlimited talk and text and unlimited free phone replacements for $69 per month. It’s currently in pre-order with its first phones expected to ship in November.

For the rest of pre-order between now and January, Cyber Dive is also choosing one lucky parent to give away $5000 for their child’s education.

With orders already coming in from all across the U.S., the Co-Founders are looking forward to making a lasting impact in the industry as the device gets into the hands of its first customers.

“We hope to become the number one smartphone for kids,” said Gottfurcht.

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