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Ditch the Hustle & Grind for Ease & Flow

By Marilynn Reis Sonier

We start out with stars in our eyes and a fire in our souls. Women today are encouraged to excel and driven to succeed. We are celebrated for our work ethic… until we become moms, and then suddenly everything seems to change. 

When I became a mom I felt like I was experiencing a love I had never felt before. But with that love came the added pressure to be further ahead of where I was. So many of us think that if things aren’t working it’s because we aren’t working hard enough.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise since we are taught that hard work is the key to success. But what if this hustle and grind mentality is actually a big part of the problem? 

What if you could find better balance, greater success, inspiration and confidence in slowing down?

I know that seems impossible. The idea that we can have it all and that it can be easy goes against everything we know. While it’s counterintuitive, stepping back with intention can be the key to thriving, even as a mom who works. 

Moms have a million things to do, and that’s on top of all the 9-5 responsibilities and deadlines. Trying to do it all ourselves often pushes our own health and happiness to the backburner. Here’s the problem with that. When you are running on empty you actually cut yourself off from your greatest asset… YOU. 

Our brain’s number one goal is to survive. So when we are low on energy our brain will save it in case of “danger,” and all it will do in order to conserve energy is scan for danger. 

You know the saying, “when it rains, it pours?” This is your brain only seeing the things that can go wrong, the risks, the possible failures, the not-good-enoughs. This is the modern danger your brain looks for. You don’t see the progress, you can’t see possibilities, and you are cut off from being creative, flexible, resourceful, and intuitive. 

How do you know this is happening? It’s pretty simple to tell… You don’t feel like yourself. You are constantly worrying. You know you can do better, but you’re lacking confidence and clarity. You feel overwhelmed, over-stimulated, and impatient. 

Here’s what you can do to turn it around. 

Get into a powerful state. All of the responsibilities you have will still be there when you create a life that feels balanced, easy and enjoyable. It’s BEING the higher version of yourself that is able to handle it all that’s key. I know you’re sick of self-care being shoved down your throat because there’s just no time. But time isn’t really the problem, and self care really is the solution. 

So how can you make time for self-care when you already feel like there’s not enough time for all you have to do? 

Get clear on what you want. Get clear on your priorities, and put your health at the top of the list. The emotional weight is the unseen burden of motherhood, and it’s the one holding you back the most. Start saying no, set and hold your boundaries, and eliminate distractions by getting clear on what you want and how you want to do it. 

The only way to enjoy life now, create the success you desire, and show up as the mom you want to be is going to take energy, confidence, and focus. You can’t do that when you are working nonstop to please everyone and sacrificing yourself in the process.

Becoming a new mom and running a business left Marilynn Reis Sonier (coach, dreamer, wife, mom of 2) feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and unhappy. She knew there was a way to stay true to herself, her dreams, enjoy motherhood, and level up in her business, and she found it! Now, Marilynn’s passionate about helping working moms find balance by making simple, but powerful life shifts. Her approach to business, motherhood, and self-care has women loving who they see in the mirror, and kissing mom guilt goodbye! To learn more visit https://www.successwithmrs.com/goodbye-mom-guilt.



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