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PuriFi: Colds, Flus, and Viruses, Oh My!

PuriFi, PuriFication system

Why Doctors and Moms Trust PuriFi for Clean Air at Home and Improved Health

PuriFi, PuriFication systemIt’s that time of year! Parents race from one school activity to another, then family gatherings on the weekends. It’s inevitable – if one person gets sick, the entire household gets sick. But for families nationwide, that doesn’t have to be the case. PuriFi, an Arizona-made, multi-patented, whole-home air PuriFication system, adds an extra layer of protection by inactivating tested viruses, reducing allergens like dust and dander, and neutralizing mold and odors. PuriFi has partnered with the American Lung Association, a distinction no other indoor purification system in Arizona has attained.

The co-founder of Vincere Cancer Center in Scottsdale, Dr. Vershalee Schukla, says PuriFi’s proven technology is what she trusts to keep her patients healthy. “I wanted a system that eliminates viruses, and this happens to be the best system available because I have to take care of cancer patients, and an infection can be detrimental to their treatment. So this was an excellent option.”

PuriFi, PuriFication system
Julie Simpson of Phoenix.

Julie Simpson of Phoenix, AZ, purchased several air filters for her home, but nothing worked for her daughter’s severe asthma. Then, she had PuriFi installed in her existing HVAC system. The device, the size of a shoebox, works inside the home’s air supply, neutralizing potential harmful contaminates in the house. The self-monitoring system turns on automatically when the air quality is compromised.

PuriFi exceeded Julie’s expectations. “We thought it would reduce some of the dust we experience here in Arizona, but now there is hardly any dust. Our daughter was also using a nebulizer constantly. We were at the pharmacy all the time, getting medications. Now, she is running track, and she’s even getting a scholarship for it in college. She would never have been able to do that had she not gained momentum and some healing from asthma.”

For a mom of two preschoolers, Polly Gage of Louisville, KY, PuriFi’s motto of “proof not promises” rings true, “Nothing else was new in our lives, no new exercises, nutrition, supplements. But the girls have hardly gotten any colds, and they go to the same preschool, daycare, and kids club at the gym. They’re in the same places they were in last year to pick up those germs, and they just haven’t gotten as sick.”

Other benefits of PuriFi? The American Lung Association states that breathing clean air for children promotes better cognitive focus, learning, and attention span, resulting in better test scores.

Breathe what clean air is supposed to feel like; make an appointment to experience PuriFi’s showroom. Your lungs will feel the difference. Systems start at $2,199, servicing a whole home of about 2,000 square feet, and financing is available for every budget. PuriFi, is unquestionably the cleanest air your family deserves.

Watch Julie’s story here. Want to learn more? Watch the video below to learn how it works. To schedule an appointment with an Air Quality Management Specialist, call 480-808-0101 or visit online at



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