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Should Kids Have Homework?

5 Benefits of Homework

Homework is a hot topic in the world of education. Although homework may get a bad rap at times, many schools believe the positive effects vastly outweigh the negatives.

Homework plays a crucial role at BASIS Charter Schools—a network of highly ranked tuition-free public charter schools located across Arizona. BASIS Charter Schools follow an accelerated academic program that introduces concepts earlier than traditional public schools. As a result, homework becomes essential for measuring students’ progress and ensuring that all students are supported.

Dania Gold, Regional Director of BASIS Charter Schools, says that the homework assigned at BASIS Charter Schools is meaningful and purposeful. “Homework is used to reinforce concepts taught in the classroom,” she says. “Your student will never come home with something that wasn’t covered at school.”

Read on to learn about the top five reasons Arizona’s #1 public school network values homework.

1. Homework reinforces key concepts

Homework is a valuable tool for reinforcing concepts and skills taught in the classroom. It allows students to practice what they’ve learned and strengthen their understanding of the material.

“Through practice and repetition, students will be able to better retain the information. This lays a strong foundation for students as the class moves on to more complex concepts,” says Timothy Blickenstaff, Director of BASIS Charter School Curriculum Company.

2. Homework helps students develop time management skills

As students complete homework, they naturally develop time management skills. This is something that BASIS Charter Schools emphasize from a young age. “We keep track of all of our homework in our Communication Journal, so it’s really easy to make sure we don’t miss anything,” says Alex R., grade 4 student at BASIS Tucson Primary.

Homework teaches students to prioritize tasks, plan ahead for upcoming assignments, and meet deadlines. These are important skills for success in both academic and professional settings.

3. Homework promotes responsibility and independence

From a young age, homework can encourage students to become more responsible. By completing assignments at home without the direct guidance of a teacher, students will become more independent and develop a sense of ownership over their learning journey. As a result, students may become more confident and engaged in the classroom.

According to a study from the Journal of Advanced Academics, students’ self-regulation skills and motivation correlates positively with completing homework.

Maya S., grade 6 student at BASIS Ahwatukee, says that independent practice helps her feel more prepared going into exams. “Homework gives us a chance to try things on our own before we have a test or quiz, which can be really helpful.”

4. Homework helps teachers improve their lesson plans

Homework provides valuable feedback for teachers, who can use insights from their students’ homework performance to adjust their lesson plans as needed. If a teacher notices that a large number of students are struggling with a particular math concept, they can dedicate extra time towards working through the concept together as a class.

“Homework allows me to see exactly which areas students are struggling with,” says Lily Treptow, Math Teacher at BASIS Mesa. “I can immediately reteach those lessons and make sure students are ready for the next unit.”

5. Homework prepares students for higher education

In college, students will be expected to engage in independent study and research. Homework—especially larger assignments like essays or research projects—prepares students for the type of assignments they’ll encounter in college. One study from IZA – Institute of Labor Economics found that the more time students spend on homework, the more likely they are to attend college.

Enroll your child at the #1 public school network in Arizona

The BASIS Charter Schools network dominated the recently released 2024 U.S. News & World Report rankings of best high schools, with 10 of the top 12 high schools in Arizona.

At BASIS Charter Schools, your child will be challenged and inspired by our accelerated, STEM-based curriculum. At every grade level, homework is used to reinforce concepts taught during the school day, establish good time management, and hone organizational skills.

“We believe that homework assists students in developing self-discipline, self-direction and effective study skills,” says Gold.

Find a BASIS Charter School near you and sign up for an upcoming school tour to learn more about the BASIS Charter School Curriculum and school culture.

BASIS Charter Schools are now accepting applications for the 2024–25 school year. Applications for the 2025–26 school year will open this fall. For the most up-to-date information, visit enrollBASIS.com

Get to Know the #1 Ranked High School in the U.S., BASIS Peoria

The #1 ranked high school in the United States is located in Arizona! BASIS Peoria—a public charter school serving grades 5–12 in Phoenix’s West Valley—topped the recently released 2024 U.S. News & World Report Best High Schools rankings.

U.S. News & World Report assessed nearly 25,000 schools and ranked nearly 18,000. Rankings are based on factors such as college readiness, state assessment performance and graduation rate.

BASIS Peoria came out on top or near the top of several ranking categories:

  • #1 in National Rankings
  • #1 in Arizona High Schools
  • #1 in Phoenix, AZ Metro Area High Schools
  • #1 in Charter High Schools
  • #2 in STEM High Schools

Notably, BASIS Peoria wasn’t the only school in the BASIS Charter Schools network to earn impressive accolades this year. 11 BASIS Charter Schools were ranked within the top 100 high schools in the United States. BASIS also dominated Arizona rankings, with 10 of the top 12 high schools in the state:

  • #1 BASIS Peoria
  • #2 BASIS Oro Valley
  • #3 BASIS Scottsdale
  • #4 BASIS Tucson North
  • #5 BASIS Ahwatukee
  • #6 BASIS Phoenix
  • #7 BASIS Mesa
  • #8 BASIS Prescott
  • #11 BASIS Chandler
  • #12 BASIS Flagstaff
Click here for a full breakdown of how BASIS Charter Schools ranked in the 2024 U.S. News & World Report rankings.

About BASIS Peoria

Since opening in 2011, BASIS Peoria has consistently produced excellent student outcomes. The school serves grades 5–12 with an accelerated, STEM-based curriculum designed to prepare students for success in college. By the time they graduate, BASIS Peoria students have taken a minimum of six AP courses.

Like all BASIS Charter Schools, BASIS Peoria is tuition-free and open to all students. There is a strong support system in place to ensure students have the tools they need to excel as they advance through BASIS Peoria’s academic program. The school also offers a variety of extracurricular activities to enhance students’ learning experience, such as Soccer, Robotics Club, and Speech and Debate.

“It’s a place where kids are serious about their studies, but truly have fun with it,” says BASIS Peoria Head of School Melissa Rankin. “It’s a supportive community, with wonderful families, passionate teachers who carry themselves with professionalism, and, obviously, utterly incredible students—from fifth graders to high school seniors.”

BASIS Charter Schools Are Currently Applications for the 2024–25 School Year

Interested in enrolling your child at the high-performing BASIS Charter Schools network?  Find a school near you and sign up for a school tour to learn more about the BASIS Charter School curriculum, school culture, extracurriculars and more.

Applications are currently being accepted for the 2024–25 school year, and applications for the 2025–26 school year will open this fall.

For more information, visit enrollBASIS.com



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