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Hi-Star Center for Children is MORE than just a Day School!

Hi-Star Center for Children was Established in 1990 as a private special education day school, with emphasis on traditional academic studies for the student with language, learning, processing and/or behavioral disorders. A progressive series of classrooms serve students (K-8), utilizing a direct instruction model and small group presentation. An intense language-based approach is the core of the program, coupled with Masterpiece Music/Art, dance, choir, drumming, and drama. Occupational and Speech Therapy services are offered.


  • Series of highly structured language-based academic classrooms, staffed with 1 certified teacher and 2-4 teaching assistants.
  • Daily group and individual speech and language therapy
  • Sensory-motor integration programs incorporated into the daily schedule
  • Occupational therapy, dance, music and drama
  • A positive behavior management system that provides immediate feedback and consequences for both inappropriate and appropriate behavior
  • An ongoing normalization process, with the goal being the return of the student to a less restrictive educational setting.


  • Daily, small group academics (language, reading, mathematics)
  • Science, Social Studies & Literature
  • Self-help and Socialization
  • Computer skills
  • Masterpiece Art, Dance, Drama and Music Programs
  • Field Trips and Community Based Outings
  • Special Events

Along with a special education day school, Hi-Star supports “Once Upon a Star,” a non-profit 501c (3) fine arts program for individuals with special needs. Once Upon a Star offers special classes on Saturdays to encourage and strengthen learning, language, and social opportunities.

  • Arts, Music, and Creative Expression
  • Students can experience mini-one day workshops with emphasis on socialization and learning something new
  • Classes are open to all students and young adults of various abilities and interests
  • Variety of classes to choose from such as: Tap Dancing, Self-Portraits, Drumming, Arts & Crafts, Rhythm & Percussion

Once Upon a Star also employs exceptional young adults with autism spectrum disorders, in a small artistic community, that has been established for them. These young adults create and sell handcrafted beaded stars and repurposed/recycled vintage jewelry at a local farmer’s market. From the profits of sales, the young adults involved receive a small salary for their work and participation. Remaining sales monies and any donations, go to support the objectives of the program.

Once Upon a Star workshops are open to all special needs persons ages 6-adult. Participants do not need to be enrolled at Hi Star to attend workshops. Classes meet the first Saturday of every month. 1 to 3 p.m. $30 per workshop. Reservations are required for all worships due to limited class size.

  • Spooky Poetry in Motion (October 2). Join Step and Lisa from Desert Dance for a movement and communication class incorporating poetry, dance and mask making.
  • A Time To Be Thankful (November 6). Join instructor Jordan to discuss and create art celebrating the season of Thanksgiving.
  • Tap Dancing (December 4). Have fun and learn basic tap steps and simple combinations with our instructor Ashley. Participants may wear any hard soles shoes if available. Tap shoes of various sizes tare available for use. All dancers must bring or wear socks.

Hi-Star Center for Children, 5807 N. 43rd Ave., Phoenix.
602-548-3038 • histarcenter.com

Serving Students With Severe Language / Communication, Learning & Behavioral Needs



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