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Have you heard of Crumbl Cookies?

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I’m sure you have! These delicious gourmet cookie bakeries have been popping up all over the place but our family had never been! We visited the Crumbl Cookie at Norterra for the first time and my kids were in heaven. The ordering process is so streamlined. You go in and find easy-to-use kiosks for ordering or you can order right with the friendly staff! (Note: they don’t have any tables or chairs so you pick up your cookies to go!)

Each week features a new rotation of unique cookie flavors and we lucked out with a breakfast theme! So of course, we had to have breakfast [cookies] in bed with jammies! Funny parenting story: we got home with our cookies (do you know how hard it was to not eat them in the car?!) and set them on the counter. I had to tend to a baby diaper so I told my other boys to wait and we’d have cookies in just a little bit! I finished changing the baby, went to find the cookies, and they were GONE! I panicked a bit because I knew what happened to them…I found our toddler eating cookies in his room. They smelled so good I guess he just couldn’t wait!

We tried:

Old Fashioned Doughnut – A warm cake cookie with flavors of vanilla, butter and spice and topped with a creamy glaze.

Cereal Milk Sandwich ft. PEBBLES®️Cereal – Two chilled sugar cookies rolled in Fruity PEBBLES®️, sandwiching a Fruity PEBBLES cereal milk mousse.

Banana Bread – A warm banana cookie with hints of vanilla, topped with a cream cheese glaze and a generous sprinkle of brown sugar crumbs.

Waffle – A thick waffle cookie drizzled with rich maple syrup and topped with a dollop of sweet buttercream frosting.

In addition to the weekly rotation they feature a milk chocolate chip and a classic sugar cookie. We tried them all and my favorite was the banana bread and both the boys voted for the Fruity Pebbles one! But, I think the waffle one was the most fun!

To see what’s on rotation right now check here.

Maybe it’s because my baking skills are subpar and we don’t buy a lot of cookies but these are definitely the best cookies we’ve ever had! They were ginormous (perfect for sharing!), warm, and melted in your mouth. My kids are hooked (I’m sure it’s the sugar talking) and now we’re thinking about making this a regular treat in our house. My cousin told me her family gets a box with the new flavors every week and they share them all and rank each cookie! What a fun tradition!

Cookies are available for delivery, pickup and shipping! These would be great for sending a gift to a friend, a host gift or for a special occasion, or just for a little bit of a treat!

For more information on catering options and to find a location near you, visit crumblcookies.com/order.




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