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Pumpkin Apple Craft for Toddlers

Get your toddler into the pumpkin season with this easy apple craft!


  • Paper or canvas
  • Apple. sliced in half
  • Orange paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Googly eyes
  • Brown crayon/pencil/paint
  • Green pipe cleaner (1 or 2 should be enough for one child)|
  • Glue







  • Have your toddler put orange paint on an apple half with the paint brush (or hands). Use the other apple for another child, or cut it up for a snack!
  • Press the apple onto your paper and make sure the entire apple makes an impression.
  • Repeat the above steps until you have filled the paper with pumpkins.
  • Allow to dry. (You can also do the next steps when it’s wet, it’s just messier!)
  • Cut your pipe cleaners into 2 inch strips. Twist them to make little ‘curly-q’ spirals.
  • Draw brown stems on the top of each pumpkin.
  • Glue on some googly eyes and add some glue for your pipe cleaner stem. Add the flat end of a pipe cleaner.
  • Allow glue to dry and admire the adorable pumpkins!



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