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Staff Favorite Baby Products

Monique’s Picks

  1. Grab Green Baby Laundry Detergent Pods. We were gifted these laundry detergent pods and have been hooked ever since. They’re gentle on baby’s skin, but also formulated to tackle newborn stains from breastmilk, formula, and diaper disasters.
  2. Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit. This was our favorite sleep suit to use when starting the transition out of swaddles (around 4 months or so). We used this all the way until our son could roll in it (around 7-8 months old) and he slept so solidly in it! They make a warm microfleece suit and a cooler cotton one, depending on temperatures.
  3. Lovevery Play Kits. These toys are durable, designed for all the age-appropriate developmental milestones, and have honestly been some of my son’s favorite toys. If you sign up for the subscription, you’ll get a new box of toys every 2-3 months.They are so worth it!
  4. Indestructibles baby books. Aside from board books, some of my favorites have been the Indestructibles. They are chew proof, rip proof, non-toxic, and 100% washable.
  5. Smock Bibs. After my son started purees and solid foods, I discovered these smock bibs. I was desperate for something to preserve his clothes from stains and avoid multiple outfit changes a day. These are easy to put on, have a pocket to catch food, are wipeable, and can be thrown right in the washing machine!

Kate’s Picks

  1. Upseat Baby. When your little one is new to sitting up but you want them to feel supported you’ll love this item! It’s multipurpose since it comes with a tray; ergonomic to encourage upright posture and healthy hip development.
  2. 1-2.6 TOG Sleep Sacks. While there are a few different materials, I prefer the soft bamboo for our little ones. We use the 1 TOG sacks from Kyte Baby during warmer weather and the long sleeve 2.6 TOG sacks from Gunamuna for winter. Our nursery temperature often falls to the low 50s in the winter time, but if you live in Phoenix or Tucson you might only need a 1 or 1.5 TOG!
  3. Oogie Bear, Boogie Wipes, and Baby Nasal Aspirator. Babies don’t have the ability to blow their noses and easily get stuffed up. For this winter season I recommend having these products in your arsenal. Ooogie Bear has a soft tip that allows you to grab those pesky boogers from squirming babies; the boogie wipes are great for wiping snotty noses, and the aspirator is helpful for clearing mucus.
  4. Winter Stroller Cover. Every stroller is a little different so you’ll have to order what fits your brand, but these are great for getting out of the house when it’s chilly. We love to take walks when it’s in the 40s (often the high during winter!) so we need the baby to be comfortable.
  5. Baby Carrier Cover. I use my Happy Baby carrier almost every day and winter time is no different. Whether we’re taking a walk around the neighborhood, attending an event, or just grocery shopping. I got mine from Etsy, but there are a few different styles and brands! It features warm sherpa & fleece, a cozy removable hood, and a warm pocket for my hands! I love that it works for front or back carrying.
  6. Puracy Stain Remover. If you’re dealing with baby stains this is the best stain remover! I leave a bottle in each room where I can pretreat stains as they happen.
  7. 8 Sheep Magnesium. This stuff smells so sweet–almost like a vanilla treat! Made with only natural ingredients I feel good about using it on my babies. I even have a jar for myself! After bath time I massage a little of this magic onto their body before jammies and we all sleep a little better. Bonus, it’s great for sore muscles and growing pains!
  8. FridaBaby The FLAKEFIXER. If your baby is like mine, you might end up with a scaly little head. And while Cradle Cap is harmless, it’s a little unsightly! You can purchase special soap or ointment like Happy Cappy, Frida Baby, or Tubby Todd, but you can also use olive oil or coconut oil, let it sit, scrub gently with the special brush, and wash out.
  9. Travel Bottle Rack and Brush. Paired with the travel sized bottle of Dapple Bottle & Dish Soap you can bring this set with you when you aren’t at home.
  10. Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer. With 4 boys and lots of germs, this device came in handy to use at the end of the day with our washed bottles and pump parts. It also works great for pacifiers and teething toys! The only downside is that it’s large and takes up a lot of space in our cabinet.
  11. DreamTech H12 Pro. Ok, ok, I know this isn’t a ‘baby product,’ BUT if you have babies & kids, dogs and lots of hard floors like we do, you’ll appreciate this product! It cleans up just about anything (cheerios, scrambled eggs, muddy paw prints, and more!) and I don’t have to sweep before mopping! It self cleans and uses hot air to dry the rollers so there’s no funky smell. Definitely add one of these to your registry–you won’t regret it!
  12. Wonderbly Personalized Book. These adorable books are a perfect keepsake for a new baby. You’ll love reading it every day! Pick a book for your newborn, a big sibling, a bedtime story, nursery rhymes, or even a holiday book. There are so many sweet styles to choose from.



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