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Freeze-Dried Breast Milk

Discover the freedom and flexibility of formula utilizing your own breast milk

Milk by Mom is on a mission to modernize how we feed breastfed babies by providing customers with the convenience and flexibility of formula with all the goodness of breast milk. Milk by Mom is a Phoenix-based breast milk freeze-drying company that also offers services nationwide, including Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

When Milk by Mom’s founder, Tirza Jova was getting ready for her first cross-country adventure from Arizona to her family’s home in Rhode Island with her firstborn who was about ten months old, the thought of traveling with her breast milk was daunting.

“I was excited for my daughter’s first in-person meeting with my family,” shares Tirza. “But the challenges of traveling with a new baby weighed on me at the same time.”

She learned about freeze-drying after researching options for traveling with a breastfeeding baby. She spent hundreds of hours researching baby products and baby development while pregnant, yet had never come across freeze-drying her breast milk as an option for travel.

Finally, she discovered a great alternative to breast milk storage and transportation, and was amazed by its convenience and superior nutrition benefits compared to formula and traditional freezing. Freeze-drying her breast milk took a huge stressor off Tirza’s travel and became a lifesaver many times after that trip.

Fast forward a year or so, and Tirza was still working in corporate America and juggling the challenges of being a full-time working and breastfeeding mom with two daughters under the age of two.

Freeze-drying her breast milk was a huge factor in making it all work. Her experience was such a game changer that she decided to create a company to make this service more widely available to other mamas and caregivers across the United States.

Tirza founded Milk by Mom to empower breastfeeding mothers. She’s a mom of two with a full-time job who started a new business while breastfeeding, so she knows the decisions and sacrifices breastfeeding moms face because she’s navigated them daily.

“I want to help by expanding this service to the mom community and share my knowledge and experience with a great alternative when it comes to milk storage and transportation,” she explains. “Moms shouldn’t have to stumble on it after weeks of research; they should know it as a common option.”

As the first Milk by Mom customer, Tirza enjoyed firsthand the benefits and convenience of freeze-dried breast milk. She hopes that by making this service more widely available, Milk by Mom can help educate and empower parents in our local community and nationwide to provide their little ones with the goodness of breast milk by modernizing how we feed breastfed babies.

For more information, or to learn how to have your milk freeze-dried, visit milkbymom.com

Liz Adams is the Communications Director for Milk by Mom.



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