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10 Mother’s Day Traditions to Try This Year

I’m coming up on my third Mother’s Day and I must say having a day of being honored and celebrated for being a mom is special. I appreciate the extra pampering and recognition this day brings.

While the idea of a perfect Mother’s Day may ebb and flow over the years, it’s fun to have a few traditions to look forward to whether you spend the day with your family, your own mom, or with some mom friends.

Here are 10 tradition ideas to maybe spark a little inspiration as you think about how you want to spend your Mother’s Day this year:

  1. Mom Sleeps In: If you value your sleep like I do, make it a known tradition in your household that mom gets to sleep in for as long and as late as she wants. Get your partner on board and have them take the kids outside so you get some peace and quiet while getting those extra z’s.
  2. Breakfast in Bed: Perhaps while you sleep in, the rest of the family whips up some breakfast and delivers it bedside to you.
  3. Out to Brunch: A classic Mother’s Day tradition. Plan a brunch at your favorite local spot! Many restaurants offer special Mother’s Day brunch events.
  4. A Spa Day: One of my personal favorite ways to spend part of my Mother’s Day is to get a relaxing massage. It’s quiet time to myself, and is just what my body and back needs after lugging around my toddler every day.
  5. Go on a Family or Solo Hike: Do you find rest in the great outdoors? If so, planning a nature trail hike could be the perfect Mother’s Day tradition idea for you. Pick a new hiking trail to explore with or without your family — whatever will bring you the most enjoyment!
  6. Have a Sunset Picnic: Another great way to spend time in nature and bask in the beauty of golden hour is to plan a sunset picnic. This would be a great thing to do with a group of mom friends—grab some of your favorite assortments of cheese, crackers, fruit, chocolate, and maybe a bottle of wine, and enjoy good company, conversation, and beautiful views.
  7. Go to the Movies: A fun activity to do with the whole family—take a trip to the movies! On a budget? Make it a movie night at home with all of mom’s favorite snacks!
  8. Take a Staycation: Plan a little staycation getaway to enjoy a whole Mother’s Day weekend. Bring the kids or make it a moms’ trip! I’m definitely adding this to my list of ideas!
  9. Family Photo Shoot: Mother’s Day is a great day to plan an annual family photo shoot to capture memories to look back on. For an added bonus, arrange it so mom gets to spend the morning getting her hair done and shopping for a new outfit so she’ll be photo-ready in the evening!
  10. Check off a Bucket List Adventure: If you’re the adventurous mom type, make a list of some of your bucket list ideas such as horseback riding, going for a hot air balloon ride, skydiving, or zip-lining, then each year plan to check off one of your bucket list adventures!

However you choose to spend Mother’s Day, I hope you feel cherished and appreciated for all of your hard work!

What Moms Really Want!

We asked some local moms what they REALLY want for Mother’s Day (listen up, dads!). Here are their answers:

  • Brunch with my family, a massage, and homemade/heartfelt gifts from the kids. –Lauren, mom of 2, Gilbert
  • Afternoon tea or brunch with my own mom, a family staycation with my kids and husband, and a giant charcuterie board! –Megan, mom of 2, Queen Creek
  • An all-day resort pass where I could spend a day by the pool, order food, relax in the steam room, sauna, and spend time at the spa. –Amanda, mom of 2, Mesa
  • Brunch out with my family, a walk and time alone during the day, take-out dinner and a movie (with at least one of my three kids). –Lisa, mom of 3, grandmother of 2, Gilbert
  • Personal and homemade gifts from my kids. No normal “mom” responsibilities for the day (Ex: No cooking meals or changing diapers). –Amy, mom of 3, Taylor

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