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Summer Must Haves

1. Step2 Naturally Playful Splashway Canal

We love water tables in our backyard but this one is neat because it can be placed directly on the ground (so no tipping over!). This ground level water toy features a cute slide for imaginative play, molded tracks for racing around the water, boats, a bucket, and scoops. It’s a no-frills table (i.e–not so many parts to break!) and offers hours of ‘cool’ fun. Try adding ice cubes on those really hot days! $79.99. step2.com

2. Step2 Dino Dash Up & Down Roller Coaster

If you’re looking for the toy to elevate your backyard…this one is it! It’s easy to put together and easy to move inside if it’s too hot to play outdoors. Our boys love to ride down the roller coaster facing forward, backwards, on their bellies, and when they feel like dare devils they ride it down standing up. They also love to ride the dinosaur around the house or even in our driveway! There’s a variety of designs for this roller coaster and even an Extreme Roller Coaster. For extra summer fun, set it up next to a sprinkler!  $159.99. step2.com

3. NatPat SunnyPatch UV-Detecting Stickers

These patches are very cool. When you’re out playing you often forget to reapply sunscreen so this nifty patch does all the reminding for you! Simply place it on your child’s skin, apply sunscreen, and when the patch goes from clear to a different color you know it’s time to reapply! Magic! You can also find patches to repel mosquitoes, itch relief, sensory stickers, and even bedtime support for your restless kiddos. natpat.com

4. Cook N Play Outdoor BBQ

Little ones can have their very own backyard BBQs this summer with the Little Tikes Cook ‘n Play Outdoor BBQ! The grill features dual-levels, a sink, oven and a cooktop with easy to open grill lid and oven door. It also comes with a play food set including a hamburger, hot dog and grill utensils. $74.99. littletikes.com

5. Turtle Sandbox

This cute Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox is a great outdoor toy that promotes creative and social play. The turtle’s plastic shell doubles as a lid to contain sand and toys safely when not in use, and has four seats on the outside of the sandbox! $59.99. littletikes.com

6. Cape Cottage Playhouse

If your kids love pretend play, then they’re going to love playing in the Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse featuring a working door, windows, and shutters, plus a built-in mail slot. The possibilities are endless for little imaginations! This adorable playhouse makes for a great addition to backyard fun all summer long. $139.99. littletikes.com

7. First Sink & Stove

Kids can pretend to cook and wash dishes with the realistic Little Tikes First Sink & Stove. It features a working water pump, clicking knobs, and 13 included accessories. Plus, anything with water involved always makes for a great summer toy! $25.99. littletikes.com



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