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What’s in your diaper bag? Local moms reveal their top baby must-haves

We asked local moms about their favorite must-haves for babies. From unisex diaper backpacks to fancy wipes, here are some of the products moms are loving:

Fawn Design diaper bag. The trend in diaper bags is sleek, unisex backpacks with plenty of interior pockets that hold diapers, wipes, clothing changes (for mom and baby) and even snacks. The Fawn Design bags boast soft faux leather, and the biggest bag is $169.99. Similar styles are everywhere right now, and the backpacks make it much easier to carry all your baby must-haves without neck and shoulder pain. fawndesign.com

WubbaNub. These adorable binkies with a (washable) stuffed animal attached help keep baby’s pacifier in place. There are more than a dozen animal design options: puppies and kittens, a giraffe, elephants, dragons and more. The only downside is that your babe will grow attached! Find them locally at KidStop in Scottsdale. $15.99. kidstoptoys.com

Water Wipes. Water Wipes are 99.9 percent water with a drop of fruit extract, making them great for sensitive baby skin. Find them most places baby wipes are sold. $3.99 for 60 or $42.99 for 720. waterwipes.com

Boogie Wipes. We can’t explain why these moist grape-scented saline wipes ($3.99 for 30) make it sooo much easier to wipe runny and/or stuffy little noses. They just do. boogiewipes.com

CJs Butter Quick Stick. This twist-up, mess-free diaper ointment stick makes diaper changes a little easier. The shea-butter formula comes in several scents or unscented. $13. cjsbutter.us

More mom-recommended baby products and gift ideas:

Ubbi Diaper Pail. Offered as a an alternative to diaper cans that require expensive refill bags, these diaper pails are made of powder-coated steel for maximum odor control. $69.99 to $89.99. ubbiworld.com

Little Book of You. If you don’t know where you’ll find the time to fill out a handwritten baby book, never fear. Little Book of You offers a charming, completely personalized book you can create online by typing in a few details of your child’s birth. $49.95. littlebookofyou.com

Personalized Baby Block. A great, affordable baby gift, this engraved two-inch maple wood cube records baby’s birthday — time, location, weight, length, etc. — and makes a great keepsake. $19.50. 317-996-2124 or craftefamily.com

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