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5 ways to support your child’s teacher this year

Having support from parents can really have a profound impact on teachers as they navigate the many facets of education.

Talissa Nitzel, a first grade teacher for Gilbert Public Schools and mother of two, says that a strong parent-teacher relationship not only allows teachers to feel respected and appreciated, but can also benefit the child.

“When parents and teachers work together we can gain a better understanding of the academic, emotional, and social needs of the child. The more we know about them as individuals, the easier we can meet their needs,” said Nitzel.

According to Nitzel, here are 5 Ways that You Can Support Your Child’s Teacher This Year:

1. Communicate – We are a team. When we work together amazing things happen.

2. Be Involved – Help your child remember to complete homework, volunteer in or out of the classroom, donate needed items to your child’s teacher, read emails/newsletters/app notifications.

3. Be Present – Go to back-to-school events and parent/teacher conferences.

4. Have Grace – Remember, teachers are human, not perfect robots. We will make mistakes or forget something.

5. Ask – Don’t be afraid to ask how your child specifically needs support. Every teacher is different and will want to support your child in and out of the classroom.

“At the end of the day, parents and teachers want the same things,” said Nitzel, “We want the child to be and feel safe, to learn, and have fun.”

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