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DIY Halloween sensory bin

If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate Halloween with your toddler try this easy sensory bin with affordable items you might even have laying around the house!

We love sensory bins in our home because our 3 year old can explore his sense of touch and it keeps him busy for at least an hour at a time!

Our toddler improves his fine motor skills by adding beads to pipe cleaners, scooping the items into bowls, and grasping larger items with the tongs. Plus, I think there is just something relaxing about allowing the rice to flow through your hands.

These bins are so easy to customize for different themes or holidays.

Here’s what you need:

• Dyed rice–you can purchase pre-colored or take a bit of rubbing alcohol and food dye and mix in a bag. Allow to dry overnight. I used a cookie sheet and set outside.
• Black beans
• Add ins like pom poms, googly eyes, spiders, large sequins, pipe cleaners buttons, etc. Just look for halloween colors!
• Kitchen utensils like measuring spoons, small bowls, OR get a wooden set like THIS one.

All amounts are totally up to you–just make enough to fit a plastic container (preferably with a lid). Mix them all together and let your kids have a blast! You can’t go wrong!

Now if you’re thinking that these are going to be incredibly messy and frustrating to have in your house I’m here to tell you…they are. Toddlers love to make messes and this is no exception—it’s how they learn! We just keep the vacuum handy and embrace the fun.

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