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Did You Know?

Delta Dental of Arizona has been providing vision benefits across Arizona since 2007. DeltaVision (administered by EyeMed Vision Care) is affordable, convenient vision insurance for individuals, families and businesses.

For more information, visit deltadentalaz.com/vision or smilepoweraz.com


Because good oral and vision health starts at infancy, Delta Dental of Arizona’s individual and family plans encourage parents to get regular checkups for their kids with the Free Until Three™ feature. Simply put, there is no charge to cover dependents under the age of 3.

Learn more at smilepoweraz.com

Fast Facts

Just one out of every seven preschoolers receive an eye exam to complement a vision screening they may receive during an annual well-child visit or from the school nurse.

Close to 175,000 American preschoolers struggle with common, but untreated, vision problems.

Research indicates that the problem is getting worse over time. Poor vision in this young population is expected to increase 26% by 2060.



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