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About the Cover Family: The Bennetts

Meet the Bennetts: Ashley, Ross and their two girls Kali-Rae (3) and Elsie (15 months). Ashley, who moved to Tucson when she was 18, and Ross–a Tucson native, met about 12 years ago through mutual friends. 

They’ve now been married for almost seven years and say they love living in Tucson for its nice weather. 

“If we can just bear through the few months of 110 plus, the rest of the year is perfect,” said Ashley. 

Ashley began working for Southwest Metrology and Quality Services, a highly technical calibration laboratory, about eight years ago. During that time, she said she tried to learn as much as possible– from how the equipment works to how to run the business.

At the start of this year, Ashley and Ross made the decision to take over the business when the previous owner was ready to retire. 

Ashley now runs the business on her own, and Ross, who worked for 12 years in the automotive industry, recently changed careers to become a firefighter. 

“He challenged himself physically and mentally and made it onto a department in Green Valley,” said Ashley. “During his time in the academy, I was pregnant with our second daughter, and he never skipped a beat on being an amazing husband and father.” 

Although Ashley said it was an adjustment when Ross is gone for work, she and her daughters have been learning to adapt. 

“It has taken a lot to get used to him being gone overnight, but we just take it day by day,” she said. “I try to keep myself and my girls in a routine to make evenings easier.” 

When home together, Ashley said she and Ross have learned to work together to divide household responsibilities and ensure they are both supporting each other as much as possible. 

“My husband and I split everything–the chores around the house, cooking, and everything in between,” said Ashley. “We have always had great communication and compromise. I know at the end of the day he’s my biggest fan and cheerleader as I am to him; we’ve always pushed each other to chase our dreams.” 

The Bennett’s Favorite Family-Friendly Spots around Tucson!

Mount Lemmon

When we have the time, we love driving up to the top of Mt. Lemmon and eating at the Iron Door Restaurant. It’s a perfect place to enjoy fall! They also have great kids’ meal choices.

Funny Foot Petting Zoo

This is a really unique petting zoo, and great for kids– a perfect place to visit when the weather cools down. There are lots of animals you’d never think about petting. You can actually pet a porcupine!

Marana Pumpkin Patch

Every fall, visiting this pumpkin patch is a ‘must-do’! Our girls love the tractor ride and picking their own pumpkins. Plus, the bakery makes the best fall treats! It’s a great tradition.



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