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The kids are sick, AGAIN?!

By Kate Reed

If you’re a parent you’ve likely experienced that middle of the night wake-up call from your sick child. Not knowing if it was worthy of an urgent care visit you might have spent time waiting for a call back from your doctor office or waiting it out until morning. And if you’re like me, you probably didn’t sleep much!

A few months ago I came across this virtual tele-med pediatrics company called, Blueberry Pediatrics, and instantly signed up. At only $18 a month for ALL my kids it seemed like a low risk purchase! You can also purchase a year membership for $144 which breaks down to only $12/month which is what we’ll do next!

With three boys at home dragging them ALL to the pediatrician for a quick sick visit with a copay just isn’t practical. Blueberry Pediatrics has combined a concierge service, affordable medical care (seriously, it’s only $18 a month—no hidden fees), had great reviews, and uses all board-certified pediatricians.

It really couldn’t be simpler. Sign up for the program and get the medical kit with a pulse oximeter, oral thermometer, and otoscope (for ear infections) mailed to your house. I got ours for free with a promo code but sometimes they’re offered for a fee. You then download the app and enter information about each of your children into their own profile. When one of your little ones inevitably gets a rash, fever, or ear infection this year you simply tap ‘start visit’ to get set up with a pediatrician. The app will have you describe symptoms, add pulse rate, and oxygen levels if needed, plus upload any necessary images.

We’ve personally used Blueberry Pediatrics 3 times in the last 6 weeks—which saves me a lot of time…and money! When my oldest had a terrible eczema flare up that started to concern us, the pediatrician was able to give us new remedies to try. And when my younger two became ill a few weeks later — the youngest only 5 months– we were able to talk to a pediatrician and rule out ear infections or something more serious before deciding whether they needed to be seen in person. They even follow up with you in the app a few days later and you can let them know if the issue got resolved or if you needed to be seen in person.

While Blueberry Pediatrics doesn’t replace well-child visits or emergency care, it’s a great option for busy families looking for something in between. It offers caring medical professionals, unlimited 24-7 around the clock care, and they’ll even call in prescriptions for you just like the doctor’s office! Plus, if you need it, they offer a prescription savings card.

They can treat coughs, sinus infections, hives or rashes, pink eye, UTI (they’ll help get a culture to verify), cuts and scrapes, viral infections, allergies, ear infections and so much more!

Parenting just got a whole lot easier with Blueberry Pediatrics.



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