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Arizona Helping Hands Provides Much Needed Support to Foster Families

A foster parent picks out learning toys.

Arizona Helping Hands (AHH) has been helping the most vulnerable and at-risk children in our state for more than 23 years. They are the state’s largest direct service provider to a population of 13,000+ children in the foster care system.

“May is Foster Care Awareness Month and our goal is to bring awareness, support, and hope to the children waiting in foster care,” said Maureen Noe, CEO of Arizona Helping Hands. “Many of these children have been abused or neglected and need to be loved and supported.”

AHH offers five different programs to foster families:

  • The Basic Needs Program – reduces the stressors for foster families and ensures children in foster care have a safe place to be safe. Infants receive a crib, mattress, and fitted sheet, while children receive a twin bedding unit that includes a mattress/box spring, mattress pad, sheets, rails, pillow, and blanket.
  • The Birthday Dreams Program – this volunteer-led initiative provides a personalized birthday package to children in foster care, helping lift their self-esteem on their special day.
  • The Back-to-School Program – backpacks are filled with school supplies year-round to help prepare foster care children for success in school.
  • Foster Footlockers – creates peace of mind for children by providing a safe place to store personal keepsakes and belongings.
  • The Licensing and Safety Program – for families who are trying to become foster licensed, they provide fire extinguishers, first aid kits, smoke alarms, and other safety items to meet Arizona’s Life Safety Inspection requirements to create a safe home environment.

Shannon Torres is someone who benefitted from AHH’s services firsthand. She’s been taking care of three grandchildren for more than 14 years. Shannon came to AHH for help to become a licensed foster parent, receive essential items, and get involved in foster care support groups. She’s now finalized the adoption of one granddaughter and is hoping to finish the process on her second granddaughter very soon.

“I never thought of fostering, but now that I’ve been involved in the foster community, I want to continue helping in any way I can,” said Torres. “Once the girls are a little older, I want to expand my license to bring children outside of the family into my home. AHH has been a wonderful support system and I am so thankful for their assistance.”

Partner Foster Care Agencies:

The mission of Arizona Helping Hands is to provide essential needs for children in foster care through our programs promoting safety, permanency, and health. They service families licensed by the Department of Child Safety, as well as kinship placements where family members, out of necessity and compassion, take in family members. They are a critical resource to the foster community ensuring that all children have everything they need to thrive. To donate, volunteer or learn more, visit azhelpinghands.org



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