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It’s National Savings Month: Prep now for major life events.

College tuition, weddings, babies, oh my! 

Major life events like these deserve to be celebrated! However, they can also lead to years of debt and financial strain, and the costs are only getting higher:

  • The average cost of tuition and fees for the 2021-2022 school year is $43,775 at private colleges, $28,238 for out-of-state students at public schools and $11,631 for state residents at public colleges
  • The average couple is spending roughly $28,000 on their wedding, up from $20,000 in 2020.
  • The lifetime cost of raising a child born in 2022 could be estimated at $272,049.

Since July is National Savings Month, OneAZ Credit Union is working to help households across Arizona stretch their dollars  and create a better financial future.

OneAZ is available for remote or in-person interviews to discuss practical, actionable steps consumers can take right now to save for these major life events.

Things like:

  • When to start planning ahead
  • Creating and sticking to a budget
  • How much to save each month
  • Small ways to cut costs that make a big difference

Here is a budgeting worksheet you can use to get started or watch the video below. Contact OneAz Credit Union or your local financial institution to learn more.

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