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5 Summer At-Home Date Night Ideas

Babysitter cancel? Summer heat have you not wanting to leave the air-conditioned house? On a budget? You can still enjoy a fun evening with your spouse with these 5 at-home date night ideas. 

Play board or video games

Games aren’t just for the kids! Enjoy a little friendly competition and bust out some games for an at-home date night. Whether it’s Mario Kart or Battleship, playing games is a great way to have some light-hearted fun together! 

Order pizza and have a movie night

A classic date: dinner and a movie. Order some pizza, grab a couple blankets, and watch a movie on the couch while you eat. If this is one of your go-to date ideas, mix it up and take turns on who gets to pick the movie each time. 

Work on a puzzle together

When the pandemic hit, it seemed like puzzles made a comeback. This can be a fun and challenging thing to do together. Make it classy and have some wine and a homemade charcuterie board to munch on while you work on it. 

Make ice cream sundaes 

There’s nothing better than some ice cream on a hot summer day! Gather some of your favorite toppings and make some sundaes together (and no, you don’t have to share with your kids!). 

Plan your next vacation 

Whether it’s a family trip or a getaway for just the two of you, why not dedicate a date night to planning your next vacation? Grab your phones or computer and spend time researching a destination together, looking at the best hotels, and picking out fun things to do when you go. 



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